Zayn Malik Hairstyles – A Guide To Get The Look

UK X-Factor starlet and English musician, Zayn Malik, has received much attention for his range of ever-changing styles of hair. Zayn Malik hairstyles have ranged from taller styles to straight and sleek appearances. This young star certainly redefines a cutting edge look and has a tremendous following particularly among male fans who wish to sport these trendy styles.

Photo of Zayn Malik hairstyle for young men.
Zayn Malik hairstyle.

These particular looks are best suited to those who desire an edgier, youthful, and trendy appearance. It is certainly a great option for individuals with sleeker and straighter locks inspired by a popular English model fitting with the classic pop style of music. Tresses are characterized by a slight undercut with a classic shorter cut around the sides and back with length and texture through the top.

When presenting this style, it is important to keep the locks on the top of the head slightly longer than the back and sides. Hair on the top of the head is slightly layered which is advised for thicker hair as it removes much of the bulk. Make use of specific styling products in order to create the particular look with the focus on providing a fair amount of texture.

Application of product should include smaller amounts to prevent clumps and weighing hair down. This will further prevent over-styling and create a more natural look by working the product through the hair. In order to create the necessary straight look, if necessary make use of a flat iron and run through the strands in an upward direction for an edgy look or swept across to the side depending on personal preference. Finish the style by running a blow dryer from the front.

Image of the side and back of Zayn Malik hairstyle.
The side and back of Zayn Malik hairstyle.

Zayn Malik hairstyles are characterized by shorter back and sides while leaving the tresses on the top considerably longer. This style is best suited to individuals with straighter hair for an edgier and youthful appearance. Create the desired look and add a personal edge for a truly unique hairstyle.


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