Young Men’s Hairstyles

Over the course of the last three or four decades, there have been many changes in the ways young men wear their hair. Changing trends in young men’s hairstyles have gone from very tame short hair cuts that conform to the expectations of everyone around us to some really way out punk styles.

Short & Simple Hairstyle

Jensen Ackles short and simple hairstyle

There are still a variety of simple hairstyles for young men that come in different lengths. Most conservative families still encourage young men to keep their hair short and simple, usually just flipped over to one side. Some popular styles from the fifties and sixties and still around, including the duck tail and the flat top.

Emo Hair

Emo hairstyle for young men

More modern young men are going in different directions with their hairstyles. One of the more trendy styles today is known as emo hair. This basically consists of cutting the hair to any length one desires and styling it in a way that is truly unique and individual. In most cases, the hair is dyed black with other colors used in different ways to create a fringe or a spot of color within the style. View emo hair gallery>>

Punk Hairstyles

Mohawk hairstyle. Photo by Lady Vervaine.

Punk hairstyles are still quite popular as well. The most common punk style, the Mohawk, is still going strong, but other punk styles are coming along as well. Medium length hair is often worn in spikes that stick up all over the head. Most punk styles are high maintenance and require a great deal of time applying mousse or styling gel to hold the hair in the rakish positions chosen for the day. See punk hairstyles gallery>>

Faux Hawk

Faux-hawk hairstyle

One of the most popular new hairstyles for young men is known as the faux-hawk. This hair style uses the Mohawk as a basis, but instead of shaving the sides of the head, the hair is worn short on the sides and longer on top. How the hair is styled is a matter of personal taste. It can be styled with the longer top hair standing up like a regular Mohawk or it can be adjusted to a more traditional look. View various faux-hawk hairstyles>>

One thing that is different today is the fact that young men have a great deal more latitude in how they wear their hair without fear of being seen as strange or aberrant. Where once short hair was the only choice available for young men in the main stream, now it is not uncommon to see men with hair as long as any woman’s. The number of styles that can worn is just as varied.

Haircuts Gallery For Young Men:

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