Will Smith Very Short Hairstyle

Haircut picture by bbtod.

Will Smith is a superstar. He is nominated for 2 Oscars & won multiple Awards as hip hop artist. He began as successful actor on a sitcom, Fresh Prince of Bel-Air (1990).

Smith almost always wears very short hair. On his new film, I Am Legend (released: December 2007), Smith plays a brilliant scientist Robert Neville wearing extremely short hairstyle. It is different with common mad scientists look which wear messy long hairstyles such as Einstein. He cuts his hair short very close to the scalp all around his head:


  • Umm i really like this cut but how do i describe it to the hairdresser? Dose it matter that im white and what way should i have it parted? Please reply advice needed!

  • I don’t think that being white matters with this hair length. The only important thing is to use a hairline/side burn trimmer to get the hairline that sharp and straight. and i’m black so i know. lol

  • hahahaha just ask him to trimmer ur head with the #2 and to give certain shape to your burnsides and ur good 2 go. It’s better if you go to a black/latin guy they are just used to that style and will prob do it better/faster/cheaper.

  • thats a cool haircut. but if if ur white u should get a eminem cut pretty much the same!! but i guess by now u already got the haircut lol

  • i dont have a straight hairline ,cuz my dad wont buy a hairline straighter thingie, cuz it costs like $50 dollars,and barbers always give me ringworm -.-

  • it does matter being white, it looks a lot cooler if youre darker, trust i tried it and it looked like i had cancer or something and was losing my hair so try to tan first 😉

  • To sport a short cut like this i think its best to get a zero cut 1st to let your head get a little shade..pref after if you wear a lot of caps.
    It would look funny at 1st because if you normally wear a longer cut…your scalp would be a slightly diffent shade to your face.
    Get some sun on your head.
    This goes for anyone…black or white yellow pink or brown.

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