Dealing with Shaved Head: What Makes A Bald Head Shine

Almost everyone who has ever known a truly bald man has noticed that his head seems to shine as if it were waxed. While there are some who do wax their heads, this is really not the primary reason for the shiny pate. This fact leaves many wondering what makes a bald head shine.


Shiny Bald Head Factors

There are two different factors that go into determining whether a man has a shiny head.

  1. One is the smoothness of his scalp. Those who are naturally bald tend to achieve the shiny look much easier than those who shave their heads. This is because those who shave often have a limited amount of stubble left behind. This may not be readily visible, but its existence will give the head a dull appearance.
  2. The other factor is the health of the scalp. The follicles produce a natural oil called sebum. This normally coats the hairs and gives them a healthy shine. Those without hair tend to see this oil accumulate on the scalp surface. This is a sign that the scalp is healthy, but will cause it to shine.


Cradle Cap

Those with a dry scalp will be more likely to have a dull appearance to their scalp. They may also experience flaking and dandruff. Some might refer to this as “cradle cap” because it is commonly seen in infants before their hair grows in completely. In either case, one should use a moisturizer to eliminate the dry scalp and make it healthier.


Products You Can Use

There are also products that can be purchased by those who want the shiny look but are unable to achieve it for different reasons. A lot of people using aloe vera lotion or skin moisturizing. Those who shave should do so daily and follow the grain of the follicles in order to optimize their shininess. Sunscreen should also be used to protect the scalp. This skin is really quite sensitive to damage from the sun’s rays. This damage can lead to a dull-looking pate as well.


Knowing what makes a bald head shine will help men assess the health of their scalp and make adjustments in their grooming techniques to ensure optimum health. If they have a dull scalp, they need to use moisturizer to rehydrate the skin and promote the production of sebum. This natural oil is the primary.