How To Wash A Shaved Head

If you have gradually lost hair over the years and have realized you are now more bald than hirsute, you may wonder how to wash a shaved head. You might have decided to shave your pate as a new and exciting look for yourself. In this instance, you will have a different procedure than if you have gradually lost the natural scalp covering on the top of your crown.

If you have always had hair, and decide that shaving your locks is the way to go, you may have wondered what needs to change in your cleansing routine. You should not expect to continue using shampoo on your shiny scalp. There is no reason for shampoo. In fact, it is intended for an entirely different purposes. Instead, you will want to switch to a facial quality soap.

If you think you may want to let shaved areas grow out again in the future, you can continue using shampoo when you wash your scalp. Regardless of whether you use soap or shampoo, your skin will be healthier and this will allow your hair to be healthier the second time around. If you continue to shave the head, you can use the facial quality soap on your head.

It is important to choose products that are intended for sensitive skin. You don’t want soaps or shampoos that are harsh. Your skin is more apparent to others when you are shaved. Dry or irritated skin will be off-putting to others. If it is irritated to the point where there are breaks in the skin, it can be subject to infection. Choose products intended for the face rather than the body.

When using the gentle soap or shampoo on your head, be sure to do a thorough massage with the finger tips. The effort will bring fresh supplies of oxygenated blood to the area. The massage always improves the loosening of the sebaceous gland oil so that it can be washed away as well. If you are newly shaved, be sure to consider the danger of sunburn for your scalp.

Learning how to wash a shaved head doesn’t have to be complicated. It really is easy and convenient to only deal with washing and drying the smooth skin. Of course a massage always feels great. You can use soap or a shampoo, as long as it is a formula intended for sensitive skin. You don’t need more than that to have healthy and clean skin.

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