Dry Itchy Scalp: Treatments & Home Remedies

For men who want to look and be well-groomed, a healthy and shiny head of hair is a must. Even if your hair is becoming thin or has already disappeared, your skin also needs to look clean, smooth, and healthy. If you are plagued by flakes of dead skin, roughened patches on your scalp, or cracked and irritated skin, these treatments & remedies for dry itchy scalp will help you look and feel your best.

As a rule, most people aren’t too concerned about the condition of the skin of their head unless there is a problem. A few flakes are typical, just in the course of daily living. When you have a constant battle with flakes resting on your shoulders, or when you are trying to find ways to relieve a constant itch on your scalp, you may be suffering from any of several causes for the condition.

What Causes Dry Scalp

  • One of the major causes of dryness is improper or inadequate rinsing of your hair following a shampoo. Minute residue from shampoos, conditioners and similar products can cause your skin to dry out. As the product traces dry the moisture may evaporate so that your skin and hair is left with a chemical residue which will irritate the skin. You may even have a strong reaction to the presence of the chemical causing the development of painful sores. These sores may ooze, or may even crack and bleed. When you scratch at the itchy spot, the problem is even worse.
  • If your sebaceous glands are malfunctioning, they do not secrete an adequate amount of sebum, which is the natural oil for your hair follicles. These minute glands can be affected by shampooing too often, by using a hair dryer, or by the chemicals you use when you shampoo, condition, or use mousse. The ingredient in many of the products is the same as that which appears in dish washing liquid soap. If it can cut the grease of your dishes and silverware, you know it has to be affecting your skin. Read the labels on your hair care products. If you see “sodium lauryl sulphate” you are removing natural oils.
  • Dry skin can also be the result of hormonal changes. Environmental factors are another major causative factor. If you are out in the sun, wind, cold weather, and other weather-related experiences, it can dry your skin out so that it begins to itch. Extra protection during winter months will help to prevent or minimize drying due to cold winds.
  • Nutrition or lack of good nutrition is another obvious cause for dryness. Everyone needs a group of digestive aids known as essential fatty acids in the diet. Getting the right nutrients to your entire body is a key ingredient in good skin health. Lack of these substances will cause your skin to become dry and less supple. Another cause of dry skin on your head is taking diuretics or overuse of caffeine. The latter factors cause water loss through frequent urination. This is yet another contributing factor for dryness.

How To Treat Dry Scalp

Understanding the causes of this skin dryness is a first step in reversing the process. When you review the factors that might be contributing to your dry and itching skin, you can reverse most, if not all of them. Specifically, you should be sure that you always rinse your hair thoroughly, even when using a natural shampoo. Read labels on the shampoo, conditioning, and styling products and avoid those that contain harsh chemicals such as sodium lauryl sulphate.

If cold winter weather or drying winds are the cause of your skin condition, protect your hair and skin from these environmental factors. In addition, cover your head when you are headed to the beach for a day in the sun. This is a good practice to protect from sunburn which can be painful as well as drying.

Ensuring that your diet contains all the essential nutrients that keep you fit and healthy will show benefits in the condition of your skin as well. Consult a nutrition chart locally or look for information online to learn how you can obtain essential fatty acids in your regular diet. Some vitamins and minerals are also beneficial when you are working for optimum skin health.

Home Remedies For Dry Scalp

A number of natural, gentle, and effective home remedies are available for those who prefer not to depend on medications or various expensive products that may or may not be any more efficacious than the home grown version. Here are a few methods and ingredients that you can try. Be sure to read and understand the procedure in each instance before trying it. Otherwise, the effectiveness may be reduced.

A major therapeutic agent in the control and alleviation of dry scalp is vinegar. This substance may be combined with various dried herbs and substances to create one of the best natural remedies to deal with dry scalp. The vinegar rinse described below can bring back the natural beauty of your hair and the health of your scalp. The product restores natural skin acidity, eliminates harmful chemical buildup that results from styling products, conditioners and shampoos left on the hair. The herbs can include traditional choices such as witch hazel, burdock, aloe vera, red clover, rosemary, calendula, comfrey, yarrow, stinging nettle, and thyme.

To create your vinegar rinse, fill a jar with your choice of the herbs and cover them with either apple cider or white wine vinegar. The jar should be tightly capped and placed in a warm location for four to five weeks. Shake the jar thoroughly at least twice daily during that time. Strain the mixture through cheesecloth and add ten drops of essential oils and one cup of water. Use the mixture as a rinse following each shampoo.

A surprising number of household items have been used to restore health to your hair and scalp. A partial list of some of the more effective ingredients that you can place on your scalp temporarily follows. Plain yogurt, and yogurt mixed with a raw egg; oils such as vitamin E, lavender, and Vitamin B; fuller’s earth, lemon juice, and coconut oil; banana and honey mixture; and ground oatmeal and water are all home remedies. Each of these products conditions the hair and restores moisture to the scalp. Increased blood circulation prevents much of the problematic flaking and itching.

How to Treat Dandruff and Dry Scalp Using Olive Oil

As with many of the other oils, olive oil is very helpful to the condition of your hair and skin. The oil is close to the consistency of natural skin oils so it is gentle and effective. The oil can be warmed before applying it to the hair and scalp. Take the time to combine the application with a gentle scalp massage. Leave the compound on your scalp at least an hour before using a gentle shampoo and rinsing thoroughly. You can also use the oil at night before going to bed.

Dry Scalp Shampoo

When searching for the right dry skin shampoo, it is important to read the labels carefully. Avoid chemicals such as sodium lauryl sulphate. Instead, look for natural cleaning agents that gently clean your hair of dirt and debris, while nourishing the hair follicles and sebaceous glands. Keep in mind that the massage given while you are shampooing may be as much of a benefit to the health of your skin as the shampoo itself. Some of the preferred ingredients for skin therapy include neem oil, tea tree oil, jojoba, and lavender oil.

Finding treatment & remedies for dry itchy scalp is not difficult when you know where to search. Most of the natural ingredients can be found locally or online. I also recommend you read No More Dry Scalp book and use it as your guide to get rid of dry scalp naturally.

No More Dry Scalp EBook

In putting together a review of No More Dry Scalp eBook, there are a few things that are obvious. The individual who has put together the eBook is extremely passionate about her product. Having suffered for years with a dry scalp, she has moved on from harsh chemical treatments and found comfort in more natural remedies. The book can be ordered for a reasonable price. With the tips and guidelines found within, most men will benefit from the purchase.

Men can learn how to moisturize their hair quickly and efficiently to avoid obvious flaking. Most importantly, they will be using natural products, which will not cause undue damage to their hair. The book explains the appropriate regimen that should be used in order to obtain round-the-clock gorgeous hair.

Those who order the eBook quickly will also receive some extra pamphlets for free. Specifically, these pamphlets will tell guys how to tame even the wildest hair. They also offer up information on the kinds of hair and body products that should be purchased in order to maintain a suave appearance, which should be the goal of any man.

Men who have frizzy or curly hair may have problems styling their hair. If the scalp is also dry, then they will have a range of problems on their hands. With some help from the book, they should be able to fix themselves up so that they can compete with anyone in the looks department. They might even recommend the book to others in similar situations.

For men who also dye their hair on a regular basis, there is information on which dyes to use and which ones to avoid. The harshest ones, though they may do the job, could be filled with carcinogens, which is obviously not good. Knowing how to pick and choose from the broad range of hair products available should be something that everyone should care about.

The electronic publication being offered for sale also devotes a significant amount of time to diet and nutrition. The way that people eat can have important consequences for how they look. By choosing nutritious foods that nourish all aspects of the body, men can begin to transform the character of their hair. It will be naturally energized and should quickly become much more visually appealing.

The book is also reasonably priced, which should come as an added benefit. Because many of the tips found within have only come to light through years of experience, men will surely want to try it out. By avoiding treatment plans that do not work, they will save money in the long run. That extra cash can be spent on other endeavors.

The product has been vouched for by many individuals. Because people are guaranteed their money back if they are not fully satisfied, there is no reason not to take the challenge. Good hair will be the reward.

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