How To Thicken Men’s Facial Hair: 7 Tips

Many men, especially younger ones, are dissatisfied with the way their beards grow in. The hair on the face tends to grow in patches during the teens and twenties. This has led many to ask how to thicken facial hair. The answers normally seen are all over the spectrum. Some say it cannot be done. Others recommend a variety of products.

thicken facial hair beard men


Here are some tips to thicken your facial hair to look more healthy:

  1. Many believe that shaving causes the beard to grow in thicker and faster. The truth is that this has no effect on the speed with which the hair grows. This is determined by genetics, though the average is about a half inch per month. It does cause the individual strands to become a bit thicker and wirier due to the direction of the cut made by the razor. However, this effect is normally only seen in the early stages of growth.
  2. Shaving also seems to darken the facial hair, making them appear thicker. In addition, the inactive follicles present in the face are stimulated by both the act of shaving and the application of lather and/or aftershave lotion. This brings up the next factor.
  3. Massaging the face periodically can help the beard grow in thicker. This act stimulates blood flow to the follicles, which brings more nutrients to them that can be turned into growth. This can stimulate follicles that have been inactive to this point. The same technique is recommended for those whose scalp covering is thinning.
  4. Changes in exercise regimens that cause the body to produce more testosterone have been shown to lead to increased growth. Most associate this with the growth of muscle, but the follicles in the face and other areas also are stimulated by this hormone. In fact, men who are transsexual are put on testosterone therapy in order to be able to grow facial hair.
  5. Certain key nutrients, such as antioxidants, B-complex vitamins, vitamin E, and others can be increased in one’s diet or taken as supplements. These have many different benefits in the body, including working in different manners to stimulate the face’s many follicles to produce.
  6. One commonly heard answer to questions about the growth of facial hair is for the person to use minoxidil. This drug has been shown to stop loss and stimulate regrowth when applied to the scalp. Increased body hair growth has also been noted as a side effect. However, applying this to the face should be done with caution as the alcohol based carrier can cause excessive drying. Some say that the side effects and skin problems associated with such application make it more trouble than it is worth for stimulation of facial follicles.
  7. Another common answer to the question of how to thicken facial hair is to use different grooming techniques and dye to make it appear thicker. Dying the beard a slightly darker color than normal makes it look thicker than it actually is. Grooming it in such a way as to minimize the appearance of thinner spots and maximize the appearance of places of thicker growth is the most common, and probably the best method used to make the beard appear thicker.

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