The Facial Hair Handbook (Ebook Review)

Front cover of The Facial Hair Handbook by Jack Passion.
The Facial Hair Handbook by Jack Passion.

The Facial Hair Handbook is a volume written by Jack Passion, two times named World Beard Champion. It is a definitive and humorous guide to growing and grooming a mustache and beard. Here we will take a look at some of the contents of the volume and show why it is a good guide for any man considering the growth of a beard.

Passion covers everything from reasons to grow a beard or not grow one, to how to deal with problems associated with beards and mustaches, such as acne and ingrown hairs. This book is available from in either paperback or Kindle e-reader format.

Part 1: Growing

The book is divided into two parts; growing and grooming. Part one looks at why men have hairs on the face in the first place as well as how to make the most of this natural occurrence. Topics covered include making the choice of whether to grow a beard or not, why it grows or does not grow in certain patterns, and choosing the type of appearance one wants to promote.

The author also covers key factors such as diet and exercise, stress, rest, and how the growth of hairs can influence a man’s sex life. He points out that it is the equivalent of a male bird’s plumage or a male lion’s mane. It is a sign of a strong, virile male and many women see it as such, at least on a subconscious level.

He next looks at potential problems such as itching, patchy growth, gray coloration, negative commentary from others, and more. Each of these is looked at in a humorous, yet sensitive light while offering useful advice on how to handle them. He even includes a section on what to do when one is having a “bad beard day”, which can happen just as often as women have “bad hair” days.

Part 2: Grooming

Part two covers all aspects of grooming and care for face growth. He begins with an overview of different face hairstyles and how to select one’s style based on his facial shape. There is even a very funny commentary on “length vs girth” as it pertains to facial hair.

The next chapter covers the tools one will need to maintain his beard. Items are looked at including, wash cloths and towels, face washes, razors and electric shavers or trimmers, shaving creams or gels, pre-shave oils, and more. There is even a discussion on the use of soap vs shampoo to clean the beard.

This book covers a great many more topics, even though it is only 110 pages in length. I found this to be an excellent source of information and guidance written by a man with extensive experience in the area of facial hair. Yet, he does not take himself too seriously and the humor shows through in the book in such a manner that it makes for a very interesting and entertaining read, as well as being a truly useful guide.


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