8 Effective Ways: How To Stop Hair Breakage?

Considering the number of ways your hair can become dry and damaged, there is no wonder at the number of people trying to find ways to prevent split ends and other various forms of damage. However, by following these effective tips on how to stop hair breakage, you can have the look everyone is amazed by and is envious of as well.

  1. Making sure you use the right shampoo for the type of hair you have is vital to it looking as healthy as possible. Many brands, however, also include harsh chemicals in their shampoos formulas that can actually dry your scalp and cause your locks to appear dull and lifeless.
  2. Make a regular schedule for hot oil treatments. You can do this at home and it is not expensive as well. Most salons and departments stores sell hot oil treatments. By keeping up with these treatments. You can ensure the moisture your locks need deep into the roots for being supple and unbreakable. Many people add a hot oil treatment when they visit their stylist.
  3. Avoiding coloring and perms is another way you can avoid breakage. When you color your hair or get a perm, you are using strong chemicals for doing so. You might consider talking to your hairdresser about perms and colorings that are made with natural ingredients for less harmful side effects. After you have these processes done, you should make sure to perform a hot oil treatment a few days later.
  4. The most you should wash your locks using a conditioning shampoo is two to three times a week. Over-washing can cause dryness that will encourage breakage as well. In the event you do have to wash it more than this number of times, making sure you use a conditioner is important. Always brush or comb your hair while it wet to prevent pulling dry tangles out. This is a sure way to have split ends and severe breakage.
  5. Make sure you get a trim on a regular basis for taking away the dead, split ends. These make tangles easier to form, thus causing you to experience more breakage. This is especially true for styles that are long in length. You might consider sleeping on a satin pillowcase to help prevent overnight tangles from forming.
  6. By using hair dyers and other heated styling tools such as irons, you are adding intense heat that literally burns and breaks the strands. If you use these tools while also pulling through with a brush, you can cause further damage with breakage. When at all possible, allowing your tresses to dry naturally is best.
  7. The food you eat can also play a huge role in the health of your scalp and hair. Maintaining a healthy well-balanced diet allows your body to get the nutrients it needs for proper functioning. Without the right vitamins and minerals, the first places that start to show signs of unhealthiness are the skin and hair. Always make it a point to drink a lot of water and be sure to get plenty of rest for making sure your body is able to handle the average day of stress.
  8. Make an appointment with a professional stylist and learn more about how to stop hair breakage. By taking the right steps in your daily care, you will see a big difference in how you look. You will also feel great because the better you feel about your appearance, the higher your self esteem will grow.

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