Men’s Short Hairstyles – Pictures Gallery & Tips for Short Hair

It may come as a surprise to many women to learn that men can be as vain about their appearance as they can. Men take a great deal of pride in their hair styles and in the way hair can affect a man’s overall appearance. Many men prefer to wear shorter hair because it can take years off their appearance and help them to look more masculine, sexy, & strong.

Short hairstyles usually suitable for every face shape except square shape. If you have a square face shape, you can wear a style that cleans squared off corners like fauxhawk, messy spiky, curly, etc. Short hairstyle (except spiky hair with short sides) is mostly suit for oblong face shape. Because it will add width to your face shape.

The Popularity Of Men’s Short Hairstyles

Throughout the centuries, men have worn a variety of different hair lengths and styles. However, in the last one hundred or so years, men have been more prone to wearing shorter hair in mainstream society. There are many reasons for this rise in the popularity of men’s short hairstyles.

  • One of the first has been religion. Most Christian denominations believe that a man should wear his hair short so that his head is uncovered when he prays. This is in opposition to the belief that women should allow theirs to grow long so that their heads are covered. This allows for a rapid distinction between the sexes on sight
  • Another common reason is the need to stay cooler. Athletes and men who work outdoors in the summer know that they do not shed heat as efficiently if their hair is longer. This can be an important fact to consider when working in hot climates where keeping the body cool is critical to continuing to function.

    Lance Armstrong hairstyle
    Lance Armstrong hairstyle

  • Being a member of the military is one of the main reasons to keep the hair short. Regulations dictate what is considered acceptable length for male hair. However, these regulations are relatively relaxed as far as the choice of men’s short hairstyles available. Men can wear a wide range of buzz cuts that result in very short hair. These can include a high and tight, a crew cut, a flat top, and more.

    High & tight military haircutsHigh & tight military haircuts

  • Business men find that they are more widely accepted when they have short hair. They are also considered to be more trustworthy as long hair on men has been associated with less than savory lifestyles. Shorter hairstyles are viewed as more conservative and businesslike. Long hair is considered liberal and almost hippy like.

    Robert Pattinson slick hair photo.
    Robert Pattinson slick hair.

  • A final reason for shorter hair to be so popular is the wide range of styles available today. The creation of hair gel and pomade have given men the ability to create virtually any style they desire and apply products that will hold the hair in place for hours at a time. In many cases, refreshing a style is a simple matter of running the fingers through the hair or applying a small amount of water and comb.

    Ryan Sheckler buzz cut.
    Ryan Sheckler buzz cut.

    Men have many options in creating short hairstyles. There are several variations on the buzz cut, so named because it is done entirely with electric clippers that make a buzzing sound as they cut the hair. Some styles are created using a combination of clippers and scissors. Others are done entirely with scissors. Some have the hair cut with a straight razor to create added texture and jagged ends.

    The cut plays a large part in determining what men’s short hairstyles can be created. Many styles are created entirely by the way the hair is cut. However, this is not always the case. Many have their hair cut shorter on the sides and back while leaving the top a bit longer. This opens up several styling options.

    The top can be combed to one side leaving a part on the opposite, combed forward and flipped back to create a pompadour, cut so that the bangs hang over the forehead in a Caesar.

    Sting hairstyle
    Sting spiky hairstyle.

    Spikes are also becoming more popular. There are many different ways to create spikes in the hair. This option allows men to take on a more rakish appearance for an evening on the town while restyling the hair so that it lies flat and takes on a more conservative appearance during the day.

Men’s short hairstyles have been quite popular for the last hundred years or so. They have also evolved considerably in that time. There are several reasons for this popularity including religion, military service, business, and simple personal taste.

Pictures Gallery of Short Trendy Hairstyles:



Aaron Paul Short Messy Hair



Xabi Alonso Hair



Jensen Ackles Short Hairstyles



Josh Duhamel Short Haircuts



Jesse McCartney Hair



Wentworth Miller Buzz Cut



Adam Levine Hair



Jake Gyllenhaal Hairstyle



Blake Lewis Hairstyles



Matthew Fox Buzz Haircuts



Eddie Murphy Haircut



Billy Idol Hairstyle



Mario Lopez Hairstyles



Winsor Harmon Hairstyle



Ryan Gosling Hairstyles



Sam Worthington Hairstyles



Clive Owen Hairstyles



Tom Hardy Hairstyles



Allen Iverson Cornrows



Mark Salling Hairstyles



Josh Lucas Hairstyles



Jesse Metcalfe Short Hair



Neil Patrick Harris Hairstyles




Elijah Wood Hairstyles



Justin Hartley Hairstyles



Jonathan Rhys Meyers Hairstyles



Ashton Kutcher Hairstyle




Eric Bana Short Curly Hairstyle



Drake Buzz Hairstyles



Shemar Moore Hairstyles



Lenny Kravitz Hairstyle



Ewan McGregor Hairstyles




Superman Hairstyle



Ricky Martin Hairstyles



Kevin-Prince Boateng Hairstyles



Russell Crowe Caesar Cut



Pierce Brosnan Hairstyles



Ryan Seacrest Hairstyles



Will Smith Hairstyle



Matt Damon HairStyle



Tom Cruise Hairstyle on Valkyrie



Taylor Lautner Short Hair



Football Buzz Cut



Eminem Hairstyle



Beckham Crew Cut



Gerard Butler Hairstyles



Extreme Short Shaggy Hair




Bradley Cooper Hairstyle



Cary Grant Hairstyles



Chris Hemsworth Hairstyles



Matt Lanter Crop Hairdo



Cool Punk Haircut




Chris Isaak Hairstyle



Jamie Foxx Hairstyle



Adam Sandler Hairstyles



Steven Gerrard Hairstyle



Kris Allen Hairstyle



Christopher Pine Hairstyles



Antonio Sabato, Jr. Hairstyle



Tobey Maguire Hairstyle



Chad Michael Murray Hairstyles



Kellan Lutz Hairstyles



Chris Evans Hairstyles



Don Draper Short Formal Hairstyles



Wilson Cruz Hairstyle



Kaka Hairstyles



Josh Hartnett Hairstyles



Colin Firth Hairstyles



Terrence Howard Hairstyle



George Lopez Hairstyles



Eric Northman Hair



Robert Patrick Hairstyles



Chris Colfer Hairstyles



Chord Overstreet Hairstyles



Eric Dane Hairstyles



Chuck Liddell Hairstyle



Jason Bateman Hairstyles



Cam Gigandet Hairstyles



Usher Hairstyles



Daniel Craig Formal Short Hairdos



Ben Affleck Hairstyles



Pete Campbell Hairdo



Joey Essex Hairstyle



William Clark Gable Hairstyles



Dane Cook Haircuts



David Hasselhoff Hairstyles



Lance Bass Hairstyles



Jeremy Renner Hairstyles



Wesley Sneijder Hairstyle



Mel Gibson Hairstyles



AJ Allmendinger Hairstyle



Sean Faris Hairstyles



Harry Judd Hairstyles



Olly Murs Hairstyle



Corey Monteith Hairstyle



Ryan Philippe Curly Hairstyles



Mike Sorrentino Hairstyle



Jonah Hill Hairstyle



Ken Watanabe Hairstyle



Mike Posner Haircut



Marlon Brando Hairstyles



Roger Federer Hairstyle



Dolph Lundgren Hairstyle



Hunter Parrish Hairstyle



Chris Brown Hairstyles



Henry Fonda Hairstyle



George Eads Hairstyle



DJ Pauly D Hairstyle



Sting Hairstyles



Tyler Connolly Hairstyle



Mark Sayers McGrath Hairstyle



Paul Wesley Hairstyle



Louis Smith Hairstyle



Steve Burton Hairstyle



Antonio Nocerino Hairstyles



Marcel Nguyen Hairstyle



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