Rod Stewart Rock Star Mullet

Rod Stewart hairstyle.

Rod Stewart was born on January 10, 1945. He was an English rock superstar who came to prominence in the early 1970s.

Stewart is known for his distinctive rooster hairstyle (short spiky in the front & top, long layered in the back) which it has helped shape rocker style around 1970. He became a fashion icon for rockers across the world due to his music capabilities & style.


  • Despite being born in London, Rod Stewart regards himself as Scottish being from a Scottish family (Mum was English). He not only WAS a rocker, he very much still IS a rocker, currently touring Europe and North America after a World Tour last year, all at the age of 64 and still doing the business.

  • I love the hair and the man…sooo cool. I even had a haircut (longer version) like his in the seventies (who didn't?) Great design. I wouldn't really call it a mullet. His was better proportioned with less extreme difference between the shorter layers and the longer layers. It was perfect for him!

    Anna R.

  • I’ve had the rod Stewart hairstyle for 30 years I’ve been called rod many times, my hair has always been my pride and joy, Now everyone is going spiky I get many comments usually great ones loving the hair and how do I do it, many think it must take me hours but to be honest 2/3 mins aday is all, I wash it don’t condition it as I don’t want it smooth, wax it back comb here and there, spray from roots for volume, I could do it with my eyes shut now …

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