Mens Razor Haircuts – Pictures Gallery & How to Get Them

Ian Watkins scene razor haircut

For most men, their hair is a source of pride because of the pronounced effect it has on their overall appearance. This makes getting a haircut a very big deal because the style must be right when the cutting is done. Unlike regular clippers that just cut the hair off bluntly, a razor leaves the ends of the hair angled. It may not sound like a huge difference, but the change in the texture of the hair is very real and very noticeable. The haircuts add a lot more texture and bounce to the hair when done properly.

Ryan Gosling hairstyle
Ryan Gosling razor hairstyle

How to Razor Cut Hair

There are several different methods of cutting hair that are used to produce different styles. Here, we are going to take a look at how to get a razor haircut.

The process of cutting the hair with a razor is relatively simple. Of course, it might be wise to have a friend that you trust implicitly perform the cut for you if you choose not to go to a salon. One thing to note, some areas of the hair can not be seen adequately for attempting to razor cut one’s own hair.

In order to get the haircut, one must first wash the hair thoroughly and use whatever conditioner is normally applied. The cutting needs to be done while the hair is still wet from the wash, though it does not have to be dripping. Before making any cuts, one should divide the hair into sections from bottom to top.

The cutting process starts at the bottom of the hair and moves upward toward the top of the head. A fine toothed comb should be used to lift a section of hair away from the head at approximately a 45 degree angle. The razor should be used to slice the hair in short motions across the length of the comb, also at about a 45 degree angle.

In the beginning, it is a good idea to remember the adage, “Less is more.” It will always be possible to go back and cut more off, but once a cut has gone too far, it is nearly impossible to fix without just getting a buzz cut.

As the cutting proceeds, moving toward the top of the head, varying the length of the cuts will provide some added texture to the style. This method works well for those with thick, straight hair that normally just wants to lie there.

Pictures Gallery of Razor Cut Hairstyles


  • It's really nice hair cut. It looks so stylish and trendy. I wanna have it but I heard that it can harm your hair. Is it true??

  • I absolutely love the look a razored haircut gives. It's a lot more personalized and stylish than a regular haircut done with scissors.
    And Managed hosting, to answer your question, no it does not damage your hair. I am a stylist, and the razor does the same thing as the scissors, it cuts. Just as with scissors, it'll take the split ends. The only difference between scissors and the razor is that the razor gives a more texturized final look, and takes less time to execute since you can take lenght off and texturize at the same time.

  • Just a general statement but isn't the point of hairstyling to "damage" your hair? I mean there's hair on the floor afterwards so why wouldn't it be damaging to the hair.

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