Razor Comb: Have Your Hairstyle Trimmed With A Comb

A razor comb is a comb that has a razor blade attached to it, allowing you to effortlessly style your hair any way you want.

This could be great, if our hairs were always the same or instead, the way we want them to be without our efforts. The constant need of cutting our hair is not always pleasant. If for women it is possible to have their locks untouched by scissors for quite a long time, for men this is not always suitable. For the majority of men, especially for those, whose work includes a certain level of officialism, cutting their hair regularly is a norm of life.

Yet, visiting a hairdresser twice a month can be quite expensive for some people, but the need to have the growth on their heads in order is still acute. In such cases, it may be reasonable to consider using a special razor comb, which will allow cutting and trimming one’s hair without going anywhere.


What Is a Razor Comb?

Image of universal unisex razor comb.
Universal Unisex Razor Comb

A razor comb is a thing, which is not at all that dreadful as it may sound from the name. There is no mechanism in it; there is just a comb with an attached razor blade. This is such a great decision for everyone, who does not want to go to a salon every two weeks in order to take off the excessive bulk or to trim one’s bangs.

Ian Watkins razored hairstyle.

A razor comb is not expensive, and the easiness of usage can be another reason for having it at home. It will allow you to trim the split ends, to add texture to the mass of your locks and to save time and money. However, it is thought that the best results can be achieved at curly and coarse locks, and if your mane is getting thinner or if it is fine by its nature, then you should better be careful with the razor comb in order to avoid cutting too much off the already not that numerous curls.


The Things to Remember When Using a Razor Comb

What you need to use a razor comb is a head with hair, a pair of firm hands and namely, the razor comb. You may moisten your locks with water, use the razor comb right after a shower, or whenever you want, but you need to keep in mind the fact that the result will be better if you cut the damp strands. Another thing to remember is that when your head gets dry the hair tends to seem shorter than when it is damp, so don’t try to cut too much at a time. It is always better to do in small sections, which will, in the end, look much better than if you manage to snap off a too bulky lock. Again, having the razor comb at home, you will be able to renew your hairstyle at any suitable moment, and there is no need to cut it as short as possible and then be forced to wait until it gets longer and you will be able to look normal again.

Below are 3 of the best-selling razor combs on the market right now:


When razor-combing your hair, never use the downward motions. This way you will chop off too thick pieces, and this will look not neat. Move the comb slantwise, carefully take off the bulk and add the texture to your crest. Finally, you’ll have enough skill and the procedure will seem a pleasure for you!


Razor Comb Demonstrations




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