6 Popular Men’s Conventional Hairstyles

A conventional hairstyle for men refers to a short, neat, professional looking and well-groomed haircut and styling, particularly suitable for your workplace. However, this does not mean these hairstyles are boring or lacking creativity. There many different types of conventional hairstyles depending on whether your hair is straight, curly, short or long. A novel twist can be added to a simple haircut by which you can maintain a serious look as well as appear stylish. They are easy to create and maintain, and many celebrities sport the look with style.

  1. Short and Straight Hairstyle

    photo ryan-gosling-conventional-hair_zps02df6bd3.jpg

    This is also known as the Ryan Gosling hairstyle because he popularized it in most of his movies. Here the back and sides are cut short and swept back. The top is also smoothed back, but usually there is a faint parting. This will give you a slick and smooth appearance and is great for men with oval, square or oblong shaped faces.

  2. Jon Hamm Hairstyle

    Don Draper Hairstyle.

    This style was popularized by actor Jon Hamm in the TV show ‘Mad Men’. It is a classic hairstyle, where the back and sides are cropped short and the top is left a little longer, to be swept back using a good quality hair product. It is also great for men who have a square jaw or if it is oval and oblong.

  3. Short and Wavy Hairstyle

    Photo of Matthew Morrison hairstyle.

    This style is sported by actor Matthew Morrison where the back and sides are clipper cut short which gives a neat and clean look. The top hair is left longer so that the waves can maintain their natural movement backwards. It is great for people with wavy or curly hair and those who have round, heart or triangular shaped faces.

  4. Zac Efron Hairstyle

    Pic of Zac Efron slick back hair.

    This is a great look which is appropriate for formal occasions and also make you look very sophisticated at casual gatherings. Here the hair is cropped short at the back and sides and then slicked backwards over the ears. It is then gradually blended with the hair on top, which is left longer. A little product is applied to the top hair to give it volume and height, which is then swept backwards with a side parting. Men with round, oval and heart shaped faces can go for it.

  5. Ivy League

    Photo of Steven Gerrard Ivy League hairstyle.

    It is a type of crew cut with a longer style, very popular in American universities like Harvard and Princeton, where it was strictly required that all students must have a short hairstyle. Here the sides and back are cut very short and close to the head but the hair on top is kept long enough to styled with a side parting.

  6. Jensen Ackles Hairstyle

    Jensen Ackles Hairstyles

    The ‘Supernatural’ actor is known for his thick, short and very stylish looking hair, with just a little product to have short gentle spikes on top. The hair is cut short at the back and sides and the top is left longer. Instead of a distinctive parting, one can softly run their fingers on the top part with some hair gel, and get a professional yet youthful appearance.

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