Popular Hairstyles For Teenage Boys Through The Years

Teenage boys hairstyles.
Teenage boys hairstyle.

Hairstyles for teenage boys have changed greatly through the years. It seems that each decade brings new fashions and new ideas of what is considered “cool”. Let’s take a look at some of the more popular hairstyles from each decade from the 1950s to today.

In the 1950s, it was unheard of for a boy to have long hair. All the popular hairstyles were for short hair. One of the most popular was a business style cut that allowed the hair to be parted on one side and combed straight over to the other.

Tony Curtis ducktail hairstyle
Tony Curtis ducktail hairstyle

The more rebellious teens modified this into a style that came to be known as the ducktail. The hair on the sides and back were slicked back with pomade and pushed together in the middle of the back of the head to form the distinctive tail.

James Dean hairstyle for teenage boys.
James Dean hairstyle

As the 1960s came about, many teenage boys adopted the pompadour hairstyle made popular by James Dean in the movies. For this style, the sides were still cut short, but the top was left a bit longer. The front was combed straight up and flipped to the back to create a taller hairstyle.

The 1970s saw the beginnings of the rise to popularity for long hair on teenagers and men. Part of this can be attributed to the rising popularity of the “hippie” subculture. Long hair became a symbol of rebellion against authority and against the Vietnam war. As the decade wore on, men and boys began to wear their hair as long as any woman’s hairstyle.

The 1980s were a decade of “big hair”. Young men and teens did all sorts of wild things with their hair. One style that became very popular was the mullet. This hairstyle had the hair on top and sides cut short while leaving the back long. There are many variations on what to do with the hair on top and sides. Some styled this part of the hair in a conventional business style. Others adapted the pompadour to fit the overall length of the hair. Still others would create spikes. This was a decade for experimentation with different styles.

In the 1990s, hairstyles sort of fell to background. There were not any real standouts. General movement was away from the big hairstyles of the previous decade. This made shorter hairstyles gain in popularity again, with many returning to the styles that were popular in the 50s and 60s.

Alex Pettyfer surfer boy hairstyle.
Alex Pettyfer surfer boy hairstyle

Today, hairstyles for teenage boys vary greatly based on what region one is from. On the west coast, surfer styles are popular. In middle America, the boys tend to keep their hairstyles short still. In the east, Emo hair is gaining popularity.

emo shaggy boy hairstyle.
emo boy hairstyle


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