How To Physically Remove DHT From The Scalp, The Natural Way

Cup skin.We all know by now that the main culprit in Male Pattern Baldness is genetics, which in turn produces a chemical in our bodies called DHT. DHT resides in the bloodstream. In the scalp, this has a devastating effect on the hair follicles. This chemical suffocates the hair shafts from attaining nutrients and oxygen and as a result the hair follicle shrinks and falls out.

FDA registered medications such as Propecia have been scientifically proven to inhibit the production of this chemical. These DHT inhibitors manipulate the function of hormones so there is a reduction of DHT being produced. As a result, hair loss reduces. However, there has been a lot of speculation in terms of how safe these products are and the numerous side effects that come along with it. Over the course of time there have been reports of patients experiencing sexual health problems and the only source of the issue seems to be Propecia.

Consequently, many people are now turning towards safer, natural and alternative methods in removing DHT from the scalp. One such approach is called Cupping. Cupping is a holistic approach which involves using plastic cups on the head and with small, light incisions removes congestion, stagnation and toxins such as DHT from the scalp. This brings about normalisation and removes excess DHT and toxins in the scalp which allows the hair follicles to “breathe” and attain the nutrients and oxygen that they have been deprived of. No chemicals, pills or lotions are involved in the treatment. Thereupon, hair loss reduces and thicker, stronger hair is produced.

Nowadays in modern science there are strict governing bodies controlling alternative therapies in the UK so the public can feel safe and assured they’re in the right hands when experimenting with new therapies. Clinics are providing natural and alternative treatments that don’t harm the bodies in any molecular or hormonal ways. So instead of rushing towards popping that pill consider a natural approach to rescuing your hair.

About the Author:

Anjum Shahzad (BSc Hons and CMA Certified) is a registered alternative therapist and runs MANEtain Hair Clinic based in Oxford Circus, Marylebone, London. He has been providing hair loss solutions to clients for over 3 years. Visit for more info.


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