Men’s Medium Hairstyles

Medium length hairstyles give a man a more classic appearance and most styles are accepted in all professions as appropriate hair styles. Classic medium length styles require slightly more attention to maintain than most short styles that do not even require a comb. A man with medium length hair has more options open to him should he choose to change his appearance slightly by combing his hair in a different way.

Some of the more trendy medium length hairstyles for men involve cutting the hair to different lengths. One style has all of the hair except the bangs cut to a medium length and the bangs left longer. Another popular style leaves the top slightly longer and involves using mousse to stiffen sprigs of the top hair into spikes. Most medium length hairstyles involve parting the hair on one side and combing over.

In general, medium length hairstyles for men are considered more classic and classy. They tend to make most men look more distinguished, especially if the style is created with attention to the shape of the face. The longer hair feels more sensual when being styled and when an intimate partner touches it. Medium hairstyles for men are considered appropriate almost everywhere.

Medium hairstyles are suitable for every kind of face shape. But, if you have a round shape, avoid bangs on the front & fullness at the sides as they will make your face look wider. If you have an oblong face, medium length hairstyle which has fullness at the sides is the most suitable for you.

Listed below are men’s medium hairstyles:


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