4 Incredible Mens Hairstyles Inspired By Animals

Men wear a wide variety of hairstyles. Some are inspired by a few really strange things. Animals have been known to inspire some of the more outlandish styles. Here, we shall examine 4 incredible hairstyles inspired by animals.

1. Cockatoo Hairstyle

One animal that one would not really expect to inspire a man’s hairstyle is the cockatoo. However, David Beckham, the famous soccer star, once wore his hair in a style that strongly resembled the crest on the head of cockatoo.

Photo of cockatoo hairstyle.
Cockatoo hairstyle.

The style was, in fact, a type of faux-hawk. He had the hair on the sides of his head cut fairly short, but left a stripe of hair up the center quite a bit longer. This longer hair was styled so that it stood up and swooped to the back, just like the crest of a cockatoo.

Image of Adam Lambert with cockatoo hairstyle.
Adam Lambert with cockatoo hairstyle.

2. Ducktail Hairstyle

Another popular hairstyle worn by many men, including Tony Curtis, was the duck tail, also called a duck’s ass in some parts of the world. The hair on the sides of the head was combed back to meet in the center of the back of the head. This created a seam that ran from the crown of the head to the nape of the neck. A large amount of pomade or hair cream was used to hold the hair in place, giving rise to the nickname, “greasers”, for those who wore it.

Picture of ducktail hairstyle.
Ducktail hairstyle.

Picture of ducktail hair at the back.
Duck tail hair.

3. Porcupine Hair

With this style, the hair is fashioned into random spikes that stand up all over the head. Hair gel, strong hairspray, or wax may be used to provide the hold.

Photo of porcupine hairstyle.
Porcupine hairstyle.

There are variations on this style. Some people only place spikes on part of the head. Others arrange all of the hair into spikes. A few even form clumps of spikes that have common bases. There are no real limits on this particular method of styling the hair.

In all cases, the style is based on the way a porcupine’s hair and quills stand out from the animals’ bodies.

4. Lion Hair

A final hairstyle that is inspired by an animal is known as lion hair. This style was made famous by Bill Kaulitz. This style strongly resembles the mane of a male lion. All of the hair is cut to a uniform length. It is allowed to hang down to the shoulders. The top and sides have gel applied to hold the hair in place, standing out from the head. This is not a spiky hairstyle, however, because the hair stands up uniformly, rather than being pulled into individual spikes.

Lion hair picture.
Lion hair.

Men take their inspiration for hairstyles from many different sources. Amazing mens hairstyles inspired by animals include the cockatoo hairstyle, the duck tail, lion hair, and porcupine hair. Each of these hairstyles has been worn by some famous individuals at one time or another. Some, like the duck tail, have gained widespread popularity. Others are more or less unique to one person with just a few fans choosing to emulate them. Over time, we may see many more men creating hairstyles inspired by the natural appearance of animals.


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