Best Men’s Hairstyles For Thick Hair

Thinning hair is a problem faced by the vast majority of men. However, styling thick hair can present its own unique problems. There are several options available among men’s hairstyles for thick hair. The keys lie in determining the facial shape of the individual and whether the hair is straight or wavy.

Photo of Justin Hartley spiky blonde hairstyle for men with thick hair.
Justin Hartley spiky blonde hairstyle.

For those with straight hair, many of the best hairstyling options are short hairstyles with the sides and back cut very short while the top is left a bit longer. This sets up the option of combing the hair with a severe part on one side or going with the highly popular “bed head” look in which pomade is used to pull the hair up into spikes all over the head. There are also several options that lie between these two extremes.

Picture of Robert Downey Jr. thick hairstyle.
Robert Downey Jr. hairstyle.

If the hair is wavy, this creates a different set of problems. For those with thick, wavy hair, the hairstyle options are quite different. First, one does not want to cut the sides and back as short. The wavy hair opens up a wealth of blending options that do not exist when the hair is straight. Therefore, letting the hair grow out a bit longer and having it styled by a barber who is proficient with a pair of shears becomes preferable.

Photo of Jim Morrison thick wavy hairstyle for men.
Jim Morrison thick wavy hairstyle

Martin Johnson hairstyle.
Martin Johnson hairstyle

Here, it becomes more likely that the person will want to have his hair thinned and cut in layers that go in different directions. This layering creates a vast array of styling options. This is, in fact, the ideal situation because it then becomes possible to choose from hairstyles that flatter one’s facial shape and features.

Thomas Dekker with layered hairstyle.

Men with thick, wavy hair also have more options for wearing long hairstyles. If the hair is straight, it will simply hang there and do nothing. On the other hand, wavy hair that has body to it can be feathered, layered, and brushed or combed into many different styles.

Elvis Presley pompadour hairstyle

Some of the more popular hairstyles for men with thick hair include the pompadour, the duck’s ass, a contemporary, conservative style that has come to be called the college cut, and the spiked up messy style that looks as if no effort is expended on maintaining the hairstyle. Of course, this is an illusion. The spiky, messy look is possibly one of the most high maintenance of all possible men’s hairstyles for thick hair. The choice is entirely up to the individual which style he prefers.


How To Make Men’s Hair Look Thicker

There are several strategies on how to make men’s hair look thicker. Many men face problems with different kinds of hair loss. Some males are affected at an early age while others do not notice a lot of thinning until they reach their 50s. Here are some tips for adding luster and body to that once impressive mane of yours.

  1. There are many baldness cures on the market today, and they should be approached with a healthy dose of skepticism. If you are serious about baldness, you should see your doctor for help. You may receive a prescription that can help a great deal with baldness. However, you need to educate yourself on the risk of these drugs, as there can be some disturbing side effects. Once you are aware of the risks, you can then make an educated decision on what to do.
  2. Frequent haircuts can add a great deal of body to your hairstyle. This helps to eliminate split ends and can also encourage new growth. You should get a haircut at least once a month. This can make a difference.
  3. The length of your hairstyle can have a lot to do with its appearance. It is best not to go for a long hairstyle as it can pull on the head and give a thinner appearance. Not only that, longer hairstyles can make bald spots a lot more visible. However, it is best not to have too short of a hairstyle either. If your hairstyle is very short, it will reveal thinness and any imperfections that you have. Go for a style that is somewhere in between short and long.
  4. Talk to your barber or hairstylist about your concerns. Professionals are trained in these matters and may be able to provide some valuable insight. They can suggest the perfect hairstyle for the shape of your head and face. Also, they may be able to recommend shampoos, conditioners, or salon products, that will add luster and body.
  5. When you shop for shampoos and conditioners look for ones that add extra body. It is also important to use a good shampoo every day. This is especially important if you have oily hair. Oil will accumulate quickly if you do not shampoo on a regular basis. Oil will weigh down your look and cause everything to appear thinner.
  6. Try to stay away from mousse and gel products. This can provide an oily appearance and show up thin spots on the head. Use products that are light and designed to reduce oil buildup.
  7. Be sure that you drink plenty of water and get proper nutrition. Healthy hair is dependent upon things that you take into your body. Also, be sure that you take a good multiple vitamin product every day.
  8. Look into products that add body and texture. Shampoo every day to help avoid oil buildup. Stay away from heavy products like gels and mousse.

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