Men’s Hairstyle Trends for 2019

Although men are traditionally portrayed as shabby, rough-skinned individuals more interested in beer and sport than grooming, this myth is being gradually deconstructed as male grooming becomes not only an important part of the modern man’s life, but also a vast and growing industry. If you like to take care of yourself and you want to update your appearance to keep up with the current trends, then getting a contemporary hairstyle is essential. Here are some of the big looks that are developing in 2019.

Buzz Cut

Wentworth Miller buzz hairstyle for male. Wentworth Miller buzz cut

A great, low maintenance classic is making a resurgence this year. The buzz cut has a militaristic heritage, but can be worn well whether the requirement is smart or casual. It is imperative to keep the cut short but completely even across the entire head. If you feel you have the skills you can even give yourself a buzz cut, but to be honest the safest route is always to put your dignity in the hands of a professional unless you have had plenty of experience with clippers.

Messy Top

Photo of Robert Downey Jr. hairstyle
Robert Downey Jr. hairstyle

People with thicker, wavier hair will probably go for this hairstyle and it seems to be fairly ageless, given that veteran actor Robert Downey Jr. has been parading this particular style of late. It essentially goes with the cropped sides, longer on top set-up that is pretty flexible and lets you make use of layers which allow for volume to be injected into the longer top section. You will probably need to get some mousse involved to achieve a messy top look that lasts and does not lie flat after a few hours. This is definitely one of the hairstyles that has a hit of personality in the 2010 line up.

Long on Top

If you have straight hair that isn`t particularly thick and cannot therefore go for the messy top, then this option is a great retro look that has come back around for 2010. You will need to have the back and sides shaved to a certain degree, but maintain a much longer top layer that dips upwards as it recedes towards the rear of the head. A centre parting can easily be integrated into this look, but you will have to maintain it with regular professional attention.

Textured Fronts

The younger guys out there might be looking to this on-trend hairstyle in 2019. It has been knocking about for a while, but it is also a resurgent classic that shouldn’t require a huge amount of work. Basically the sides and back are kept relatively short, while a longer, brow-length front is cultivated with a suitable amount of texturing to provide an appropriate look that mixes class with indifference.

Whether you are a skater who is into Volcom clothing or an indie boy, this hairstyle straddles many genres. Achieving success with this hairstyle will see you adding a bit of product, preferably a wax, into your hair, so it does represent a step up from the buzz cut, but it isn’t going to need hours in front of the mirror.

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