Men’s Hairstyle Trend for Spring/Summer 2011

While it is not necessary for men to change their hair every year like women, the trend is quickly becoming more and more common. What it all boils down to is that stylish hair can make any guy look fresh and fashionable. Even if a hairstyle is paired with the most basic of clothes, the right hair can do wonders for a guy’s appearance.

The challenge here is in finding the right cut. There are several different trends to pick from this spring and summer season, but be warned, not all of them will look good on you. Depending on your age, style and shape of your face these hairstyles will either look good or bad. One of the most basic truths about hair styles, regardless of length, is that it is all about the fringe. This means that no matter the length, there needs to be some semblance of direction when it comes to the styling of the cut–short, long, straight or curly.

This season, men’s hairstyles make a throwback with old-fashioned looks that get a stylishly new update. A new classic is the slick back, a modern play on the standard 1950s hairdo. The good news about this style is that it is particularly easy for a barber to replicate. It’s a straightforward look, easy to maintain and they’re universally flattering. For men with a large brow, slick your hair with a part that is more to one side in order to keep away from drawing attention to your high forehead.

A buzz cut is another classic. With this one you need to be a bit pickier about how your features and face shape go along with this somewhat head-exposing hairdo. If you have large ears or a big nose, this is probably not the right look for you. The important thing to note here is to keep hair short without cutting too much off. You want to look polished, not criminal. Make sure that your hair has an even length all over.

Then there is the cut to rule them all: long locks. There is an emergence of men donning longer hair. This tends to work best with soft, non-frizzy hair and can often be styled with the right hair product. Guys should not be afraid to get down with some high quality products especially when sporting this look. Once your treasured locks start getting longer, parting your hair down the middle and comb pomade through the front sections of your do will keep your hair looking shiny and healthy instead of greasy and stringy.

This spring hairstyles play up simple, clean cut looks. If you are looking for a new do, I suggest taking this advice to heart and asking your hairstylist which style could work best for you.

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