Long Hairstyles for Men – Tips & Haircut Pictures for Long Hair

It may come as a shock to some people to know that men tend to take as much pride in their appearance, including their hairstyle, as many women. While long hair on a man was once taboo in the US, it is now quite common. There are several different ways for men to wear longer hair and still look nice.

A man who is a professional can wear his hair at about shoulder length and maintain it in a nice clean style that is acceptable to most as being appropriate. The professional style is cut to the shape of the face so that the eyes are visible without any hint of hiding behind the hair.

Popular Long Hairstyles for Men

One very popular long style for men is the simple long and straight look. The hair may be worn at any length from the shoulders down and requires a relative minimum of brushing or combing throughout the day. Many women believe this style makes a man look more sexy.

Jon Bon Jovi Rock Star Long Hairstyle
Jon Bon Jovi rock star hairstyle.

Another style made popular by rock musicians is wearing the hair at or longer than shoulder length and allowing a portion of it to hide the face, especially the eyes. This style gives a certain sense of rebelliousness and mystery to the man’s appearance. A similar style that is parted in the middle to leave the eyes uncovered is attributed more to country musicians.

Shoulder length hair that is parted in the middle or on one side and layered to allow its natural waves and curl to show may be the most common longer hair style for men at the present time. This style is mostly worn by younger men in their twenties and early thirties.

The texture of long hair identical with straight hair, shine, & old. They (but not very long styles & depend on the style) are correct for faces with oval, heart, & round shape. If you have an oblong face shape, avoid wear long hairstyle which has straight styles down without bangs. It will elongate your face.

Hairstyle Pictures for Long Hair

Below are examples of long hairstyles for men:










































































Long Hairstyle Tips

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    Here are some fantastic tips in making your hair grow faster.
  • How to Style Long Hair
    Most people consider hair below the ear to be long for a man, but many men wear their hair longer than this. Women have more choices when it comes to styling long hair but there are still many for men to choose from that will give them a stylish look. If you are wondering how to style long hair, here are some common ways to get stylish looks.
  • How To Care For Mens Long Hair
    Long hair is not for everyone. Often, men do not have the time it takes to properly care for their hair when it gets longer. This is because a great deal more care is needed for longer tresses. Longer locks can be damaged far more easily and the only remedy is to cut the damaged hair off. This is why it is important to know how to care for mens long hair before growing it out.
  • How to Grow Long Hair
    While it has always been traditional for a man’s hair to be shorter than a woman’s, there are and always have been those who buck tradition and let their hair grow out long. Most people do not realize how difficult this can be, especially for a man who has less experience dealing with long hair. This article will attempt to explain how to grow long hair.
  • Mens Headbands for Long Hair
    Maybe you are wondering if headbands for men with long hair look masculine or not. After all, many males have longer hairstyles these days and still want to impress the ladies.


The Wildest Long Men Hairstyles For Every Idol

Even though longer hair implies more maintenance and styling products, long men hairstyles turn out so great that you totally forget about all of that. And since longer locks are worth the trouble, why not try this healthy look to grab the ladies attention? Therefore, check out our digital catalog of the best long haircuts in order to let your locks run wild and free.


#1. The Man Pony

 Long Hairstyle for men

Any face shape can rock the man pony. However, not everybody knows how to style it perfectly. So, follow the steps below to guide you through the rather easy process:

  1. Gather hair into a low pony tail.
  2. Secure it with an elastic hair band.

Tip:Β Use a serum to:

  • Tame any flyaways.
  • Make your hair shine.
  • Control the frizz. (If any)
  • Maintain hair health.