Layered Messy Fauxhawk

Haircut picture by Danarah.

To get look like this you should not shave or trim the sides of the head. Leave it long. You can tease it to help the maintenance of hair volume.
To style it, apply the styling cream/gel with your hands. To get messy look, use your hands to make the hair upward and toward the front of the face.
The style works best for straight or slightly wavy hair type.


  • i realy like this hair cut but i dont tink i would ba able to achieve it 🙁 any tips on what to do would be gr8 thnx .

  • what length is ur hair? It has to be a bit longer, but just long enough to spike it up and make it look messy. I wear this hairstyle, all it takes is hair and gel.

  • u won’t be able to make it look exactly like this, but you can just make it messy and spikey, its all about how you want it to look.

  • i want to get this hairstyle, but what do I say to the barber? just” layered messy fauxhawk” or something more specific? also does this style look good on black hair? and one more question, lol(sorry)…what king of hair styling product would you recommend for this style? i.e gel, hair spray, etc. Thanks alot!

  • You would have a better shot getting this done at a salon not a barber barbers cut hair not style it I knowing how long hair should be all depends on the type of hair if your hair is curly of will not work your pretty much need straight hair to achieve this with your hair between your fingers and your fingers on your head there should be about 2″ mabie 3″ above depends how big you want it I don’t know that this is a very good looking hawk I don’t like how it is brushed forward note that the hair going down the middle of the back of your head must be kept longer too so your can acheive the best looking faux hawk it looks redic when guys just brush all there hair to the middle of there head on the top

  • this is like a hair style of a f*ggot wanna be good looking guy trying to pull off a faux hawk. but cant do it to save his life.

  • This style is awesome…I would use hair glue…it works the best and is semi-water resistant and will create the sharp looking spikes…that will stay crispy and wont sweat out..

  • hmmm…..well….i really like the hairstyle…. i just dont like the look of all the gel he used….its looks really disgusting that way…. a little bit of wax can achieve that easily and u dont have to have the gross looking gel reminense

  • You guys care about this. It is a hairstyle that would be messed up once he kisses his girlfriens. It will poke you girlfirnd in the eye. Choose another hairstyle

  • Just get your hair cut fairly short and make sure you have hair wax/dry wax. Some mattifying powder could also be useful. The out-of-the-shower-damp look has gone out of style so with hair wax you'll get a soft look.

  • downfall of this type of style is that the sides of get caught in the wind and easily mess up your hair if you don't you a very strong hold

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