Johnny Cash Pompadour

Johnny Cash Rockabilly Hairstyle
Johnny Cash’s Pompadour Hairstyle.
Here are the pompadour styles from Johnny Cash, an American country music legend, one of rockabilly pioneers, and one of the most prominent pompadour wearers in the 1950s.

Mens Hairstyles: Johnny Cash
In 2005, Joaquin Phoenix (an American Actor) did a good job portraying the character & style of young Johnny Cash in the Walk the Line, a biographical film focuses on Cash’s younger life (as shown in the pictures below).
Men's Hairstyle: Young Johnny Cash
Joaquin Phoenix portraying Cash’s style.

Joaquin Phoenix portraying Johnny Cash
Young Johnny Cash’s Hairstyle. Photo via Walk The Line Dvd


  • I really like that style, but I’m not sure if I could pull it off. Do you know of any forums that are specifically geared toward men’s retro hair styles?

    • Your a poser! So, quit acting like a you need a pompadour. I have had one since I was just a little boy and don’t need some douche bag acting like it’s a style.

      • Just because you’ve had it since you were a kid, grandpa, doesn’t mean you’re the only one that gets to have it. Unless you’ve noticed, 50-60s hairstyles and clothes are coming back, so either leave room for us new ones or get lost.

  • Johnny's pomp is HOT. He used a "real deal" hair grease something like Dax, Murrays or Tres Flores to keep the style in place. The Pomp is a classic man's style.

  • Thats funny Dave. It is a style one I have been rocking for quite a few years and do encorage others to do so also. If that’s the style they lean towards but I guess there always has to be a douch bag putting people down thank you for filling that position.

  • I use Layrite Deluxe, love the water soluble. Helps a lot to shower the night prior and blow dry your hair cause it make the hair easier to lift and manage.

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