Interlocking Dreadlocks Technique

There are many different techniques on how to form and maintain dreads. One of the methods which are done by many individuals is the interlocking dreadlocks technique. When doing the technique, you do not need to have special tools and materials. You also do not need to have special hair products. You will only need your fingers and a latch or crochet hook.

How to Do Interlocking Dreads

Doing interlocking dreadlocks is different from palm-rolling method as it requires one particular material which is the hook. The advantage of interlocking, however, is they last longer than palm-rolling and looks neater and more kempt. For best result, it is suggested to combine both methods: use palm-rolling to form the dreads, then lock them with interlocking. With interlocking dreads, maintenance care is essential to preserve its appearance and prevent extra hair from damaging the style.

If you have long kinky or curly hair, you can easily do it. You may need the help of an expert if your hair is straight. The following are simple steps for you to follow to get interlocking dreadlocks.
1. Wash your hair
The very first and the most essential step to having good looking interlocking dreadlocks is by washing your hair properly. Make sure to eliminate dirt so you can do dreadlocks much easily. This step only shows that the idea about dreadlocks as dirty is definitively untrue.

2. Prepare the material
The only material you will need is a latch hook. If you do not have it, you can buy Caron Bent latch hook. This hook is easy to use with wooden handle that is sturdy. Alternatively, you can also make use of a paper clip. Make the paper clip form a loop then secure its ends.

Image of Caron Bent latch hook for interlocking dreads.
Caron Bent latch hook

3. Interlock
At the base of the dreads, you will be finding new hair growth. You will have to interlock the new hairs so it will not damage the dreadlock. Insert the hook in the middle of the dreadlocks at the base of each dread in such a way that it forms a hole. Then insert the rest of the dread into the loop of the hook. Continue inserting until the dread becomes tight and it appears in a “Y-shape”.

Video Tutorials

To get a better understanding, here we provide videos on how to interlock your dreads:

Interlocking dreads is an effective way to maintain your locks. You can do it by simply following the steps mentioned above.


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