How To Use Men’s Hairpieces

Once upon a time hairpieces for men were so obviously fake that wearing one could be as much a source of embarrassment as going bald. This is not the case today. Advances in technology for making hairpieces and changes in acceptable hair styles for men have made it possible to get men’s hairpieces that are very realistic and blend right into the hair so that when properly applied no one can tell one is wearing it.

Learning how to use men’s hairpieces is not as complicated as it once was. In fact, most are made with combs at the edges so that they can be placed into the natural hair and blend it easier. One may need to wear a strip of toupee tape to hold the hairpiece perfectly in place, but in many cases this is not necessary. Simply put the combs into the hair, take the fingers and mess the hair up just a little to blend it, then comb the hair into the style that is desired and add a touch of hairspray to hold it in place.

This method will work with almost any hairpiece that is designed to cover a small spending patch or bald spot on the head. If one has lost all his hair, he will need to go to a full hairpiece or toupee. Choices in this type of hairpiece are not as wide as they would be for women’s wigs.

In fact, most of these look so completely fake that most men would not consider wearing one.

For those who do, to three pieces of toupee tape will be needed to hold the piece in place. Otherwise, it could shift around on the head and look very foolish. Many men who reach this stage of baldness choose to simply shave their heads and accept being bald rather than attempt to deal with the hairpiece.


  • Everyone notices a bad hair piece but they never notice a good one!
    With todays advancement in technology regarding bases and ventilation techniques no one would ever know,in fact many of the celebrities on this site that people rave about their hairstyles wear systems and that is easily checked out!

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