How To Style A Mohawk Haircut: Fanned Mohawk & Liberty Spike

Fanned Mohawk haircut
Travis Barker fanned mohawk haircut

Around the world there is a subculture of individuals known as punk. Individuals that fall into this subculture tend to be freethinkers and have a strong desire to stand out from the crowd. One method used to do this is having the hair in a style that is completely nontraditional. One of the most often seen haircuts among this group is the Mohawk. For anyone interested in obtaining this particular look it is important they learn how to style a Mohawk haircut.

The first step is having the hair cut into a Mohawk. This is relatively easy to accomplish, although it usually requires assistance from another individual to ensure everything is even and centered. A strip of hair, normally at approximately the width of the space between the eyebrows up to about an inch is separated from the rest of the hair by a part on either side reaching all the way to the back of the head.

The hair on the outside of each part is then shaved completely away with a razor. This should leave only the single strip of hair across the center of the top of the head and down the back. The hair has now been cut into a Mohawk style.

Once the hair has been cut, there are generally two forms in which the Mohawk can be styled. These are a traditional fanned Mohawk, and a liberty Mohawk. The styling methods for the two are really quite similar, though the end result is very different.

To style a traditional fanned Mohawk, it is easiest to hang the head straight down so that one is looking backward between his knees and calm the hair on top of the head so that it hangs straight down. The use of a fine tooth comb will produce a smoother looking fan than one with more space between the teeth. Next, one should apply a liberal amount of gel, pomade, hairspray, or even glue to the hair to hold it in place so that it stands straight up.

Styling the back of the hair is accomplished in almost the same way, except that one looks straight up so that the hair on the back hangs down. Gravity proves to be a very useful tool when one is attempting to style and Mohawk.

Liberty spike Mohawk haircut
Liberty spike haircut

For a Liberty spike Mohawk, the stripe of hair is separated into it evenly sized portions from front to back, typically with rubber bands. Each section is then pulled together and pulled out from the head so that it forms a cylindrical shape that tapers to a point. Once the hair has been pulled into position, the application of hair products as mentioned above will hold each spike in place.


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