How to Style an Undercut Pompadour

The undercut pompadour is all the rage these days, particularly because it is such a masculine and sexy hairstyle. It is also a very strong style, something that makes it suitable for guys who are not shy about radical jumps from one hairstyle to the next. If you want to sport a hairstyle that definitely packs a statement, here’s how you can style your hair into an undercut pompadour.


In order to style your hair you need the hair on the top to be on the longer end, about an inch to 3 inches long especially if you want a smooth, slicked back look. The difference between pompadour and the undercut one is on the sides. Clip the sides of the head so that the hair is cut close to the scalp. Blow dry your hair until it is completely dry.


Rub a pea-sized amount of pomade between your hands. With the fingers of one hand, grab the hair on the top of your head by the tips along the forehead, raise it up, and start running your fingers through the hair. Use your fingers to shape your hair up so that you create a clear line between the hair on top and the sides of the face. Use more pomade when needed, taking care to apply enough along the back so that it also keeps its shape.

Comb your hair upwards and smoothly back from the front, moving the comb along the direction you want the pomade to go. Continue to comb through the rest of the hair this way, until all the hair is smoothly combed back and sleek. Comb up to maintain the height of your pompadour. To add more height, use the palm o one hand to gently push the hair along the crown and back forward as you use the other hand to maintain the shape of the hair along the front.

Final Tips

To maintain the shape of your pompadour, place a small amount of pomade on your comb and give your hair one final comb-through. Bring a comb wherever you go so you can re-style when needed.


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