How To Streak Your Hair

Picture of Aiji with red streak hairstyle.
Aiji streaked hair.

Men use a variety of different methods to give their hairstyles a unique look. While a unique cut or wild style can serve the purpose, changing the color or going with multiple colors can do just as well. One common trick used by many is streaking their hairstyles. For those who are unfamiliar with the process, this article will discuss how to streak your hair styles to achieve the best results.

Streaking is different from highlighting. When one adds highlights, several tiny streaks are added with the color being somewhat close to the natural color, though usually slightly lighter. However streaks can be as wide as one desires and done in any color desired, from completely bleached blond to wild colors like neon pink, red, or blue.

  • The first step is to decide on the color desired and purchase it where one gets care products. At the same time, an appropriate hair bleaching agent will be needed. One might also consider purchasing a special cap that has slots through which the strands to be treated can be pulled and separated from the rest of one’s locks. However, this separation can be achieved with clips and foil if one is more experienced in this process.
  • Next, one should determine exactly where he wishes to place a streak or streaks. These can be as small as one inch in width up to any size desired. If the cap was bought, the hair to be treated should be pulled through slots in it while the rest of the head is covered. Otherwise, one should separate the strips to be treated with clips and pin them back from the rest of the locks.
  • Following the directions on the package, apply the bleach to the sections to be dyed and leave it on for the specified amount of time. Leaving it longer can result in chemical burns to the hair which can lead to breakage and brittleness. Rinse the bleaching agent out thoroughly before applying any other chemicals.
  • The next step is to apply the dye following the directions that are included in its package. Leave the dye in place according to the times called for to produce the exact shade desired. Rinse the dye out completely before removing the cap or pins. This will help to prevent other strands coming into contact with the coloring agent.
  • After the dye has been removed, it will be necessary to shampoo the entire head of hair and apply a good quality conditioner. This will help to eliminate any final traces of the chemicals that might be left in the hair. It will also help to reinforce the strands and protect them from damage that could lead to breakage, frizz, or other problems.

Learning how to streak hair can save one a great deal of money. If he does not know how to accomplish it or does not feel comfortable doing it himself, he can visit a salon and have a professional do the work. However, that option can be much more expensive than doing it at home.

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