How To Ombre Hair Without Bleach

jared-leto-long-shade-hairstyleMen like to look stylish and trendy. Since there are not many men hairstyles that can make them look unique, trying some hair color on the hairstyle is a great option to achieve a unique hot look. One of the best men hair colors is the ombre hair color. In French, ombre means “shade” or “gradation”. The ombre coloring technique is one in which the hair in the ends is lighter than the darker roots. To achieve the required effect, the lower portion of the hair is usually bleached to lift the color in your hair. However, if you have virgin hair, you can use color to lift your hair for an ombre. To ombre hair without bleach, follow this step t step guide listed below.

Step #1: Select your color: Most common color used for ombre hair coloring is a shade of auburn/red or a shade of blonde or brown. When selecting a color, opt for a color that goes well with your natural hair color. A good option would be to choose a shade that no more than two shade lighter than your existing hair color.

Step #2: Decide where your natural color and dye color will meet: Deciding the meeting point of both the natural and dye color is important to get a beautiful ombre. Choosing a meeting point somewhere below the jaw line would be a great option.

Step #3: Remove tangles from your hair: Brush your hair well to ensure that all tangles are removed from your hair. This will ensure that your hair is evenly colored.

Step #4: Prepare yourself for hair coloring: Wear an old T-shirt to prevent hair color getting on your color during the hair coloring process. Wear vinyl, latex or rubber gloves to prevent your hands getting dyed in the process.

Step #5: Section your hair: Divide your hair into 2-3 sections or more. Tie hair that is close to the jaw line using elastic bands or hair clips.

Step #6: Coloring hair: Follow the instructions written on the hair dye boxes when preparing your dye. Ensure that you mix your dye in a room that is well ventilated. Using a brush, add color to the color fade line. Apply a second heavier coat near the tips. Inspect strands to ensure that no spots are missed.

Step #7: Wash hair color: After allowing the color to stay in your hair for a few minutes (follow box instructions), rinse the dye with warm water. Use a sulfate-free shampoo to wash your hair. It is important to use a deep conditioner to add moisture back to your locks.

Step #8: Dry and style your hair: Avoid using hot tools and air-dry your hair for best results.

Ombre hair without bleach is a perfect option for men looking a low-maintenance hair color. It is a best suited for men who have dark brown long hair. The look is carefree and can make a man look cool and trendy.


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