How To Make Hair Pomade At Home

Hair pomade is one of those styling products that people come to depend on to help them style their hair in certain ways and hold it. However, many people are beginning to express concern over some of the chemicals used in pomade and other hair products. This article will tell how to make hair pomade at home that is completely natural and safe.

The ingredients are really quite simple. You will need a quantity of natural beeswax. Paraffin and other artificial waxes will not work for this purpose, so one should ensure the source of the wax and assure himself that it is pure beeswax. Olive oil or vegetable oil and any essential oil that one desires to provide a pleasant scent to the hair make up the balance of the ingredients.

The proportions of the ingredients will vary depending on how one wishes to style his hair. If More hold is the important function, a larger quantity of beeswax will be needed. If the idea is to provide shine and a light hold, less wax and a little more oil will be needed. Any oils used to provide scents will only be needed in small quantities of a few drops.

To begin, melt the bees wax in a pan using the double boiler method. Do not attempt to do this in a microwave, as the results can be quite messy. Once the wax is completely liquefied, it should be removed from the heat and poured into a cooling container.

Now it is time to add the olive oil or vegetable oil to prevent the wax from hardening back to its original consistency. The amount of oil used will determine the quality of the pomade and how it will work with the hair. More oil means less hold and more shine. Add a few drops of mint oil, or any other essential oil that you desire to provide scent and cover the smell of the oil.

The mixture should be placed into a container that can be kept sealed until ready to use. It will last up to 2 months.


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