How To Get Wax Out Of Hair

Men use different types of wax as a styling aid for their hair. However, this can lead to a problem with build-up in the hair that is difficult to remove. There are different methods for accomplishing this task, based on the type of wax that has been used. Hard wax can generally be removed by putting ice on the hair to harden it further. It will then crumble and break loose from the strands of the hair. This method does not work well with softer waxes such as paraffin or beeswax.

For softer waxes, one needs to add an oil to the hair to loosen the grip of the wax on the shaft of the hair. This can seem counter-productive because it makes the hair greasy. However, this is just a single step in the process. The oil loosens the wax and makes it possible to wash it out of the hair.

The next step is to wash the hair thoroughly with a grease cutting agent designed for hair. One of the most commonly used solutions for this is dish detergent. It dissolves the oil and makes it possible to remove both it and the loosened wax. This step may need to be repeated several times. The key to knowing when all the oil and wax are gone is when the hair becomes “squeaky” clean.

While dish detergent will remove the natural oil from the hair, it also can damage the shafts. It will, therefore, be necessary to wash the hair with a regular shampoo and apply a good quality conditioner. Ideally, one should use a leave in conditioner and allow it to sit overnight. Once a week, the hair should receive a deep conditioning treatment to ensure that it retains enough moisture to avoid damage and breakage.

Learning how to get wax out of hair is a key step when one uses it as a styling product. This is because wax binds to the oil in the hair and to the strands so that it becomes difficult to remove. There are, however, different grades and types of wax used. The method needed to get rid of it depends on the type of wax and its hardness. Hard waxes are easier to remove, requiring one to simply lower the temperature to a point where the wax becomes brittle and break it loose from the hair. Softer waxes are more complicated, but just as possible to remove if one follows the proper steps.


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  • hmmm. never tried dish detergent before…I would like to make another recommendation though. Try “wicked cookie duster moustache wax remover & conditioner” if you get a chance! it’s organic and works like magic! removes the wax and then being organic it can be left in the facial hair all night for deep conditioning! let me know if you try it!

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