How to Get Thicker Hair – Make Your Thin Hair Thicker

There are literally hundreds of products out there that promise men thicker, fuller hair. Of course, as many men struggling with thinning hair can tell you, most of these products don’t do what they promise. At least not for everybody – and therein lies the problem. The fact of the matter is that there is no single product or method that has been proven to be 100% effective for men who are wondering how to get thicker hair. However, that does not mean that those who are suffering from hair loss should throw in the towel. It is still possible to find a product that can help you get thicker hair; the process may just require a little trial and error.

If you are among those who have wondered how to get thicker hair, you may want to try some of the popular fallback products first. That is because most of these products provide fairly good, marked results, for many of their users. Among these products are Rogain, Propecia, and Nioxin, and depending on the severity of your thinning hair, any one of them may offer the results you desire. If you prefer, you may wish to look into one of the many herbal products that promise to give you thicker hair. Depending on the product, they may either claim to promote the growth of new hair, or they may promise to make the hair shafts that you already have become physically thicker.

There are other answers to the question of how to get thicker hair, however. For example, one way to ensure that your hair remains its thickest for as long as possible is to simple take good care of it. This could be as simple as using high quality shampoos and conditioners, and combing rather than brushing. Additionally, incorporating deep conditioning or anti-breakage treatments into your hair care regimen may cause your hair to appear thicker and fuller. This is because split ends and breakage can really contribute to overall hair loss.

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  • Hair loss is something that is finally becoming in the mainstream attention. Caring for your hair from the beginning and avoiding things that you know can cause hair loss (like not washing chlorine out of your hair after swimming) is a great start. Zenagen Shampoo is a new hair loss shampoo helps prevent hair loss and stop baldness. It works.

  • I'd imagine the older folk think I take my hair for granted. I thin my hair out every time I get it cut. It's so much easier to style and manage.

  • Over the last few years, at least two different hair stylists have told me that I should use Nioxin. I don't know whether they are just trying to sell it to me, or whether it would really do any good for me. Nobody has ever suggested that I try any other product like this, only Nioxin. How would I know whether this would really help me or not, and not cause my thinning condition to grow worse!?!

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