How To Get A Mullet Haircut

Mullet haircut
Mullet haircut

The mullet has been around for a long time as a hairstyle. Although it did not gain mass popularity until the 1980s, progressive stars such as David Bowie wore the style in the 1960s and 70s. Florence Henderson even wore one in the iconic television series, The Brady Bunch, showing that the mullet is a style suitable for a man or a woman. The recent resurgence in the popularity of this hairstyle has left many people wondering how to get a mullet haircut.

By definition, a mullet is simply a hairstyle that is cut short in front and on the sides while being left long in the back. There are two popular styles of mullet, the traditional mullet and the ponytail mullet. This hair cut is considered suitable for business and blue collar workers, though they may have to pull the back of the hair together to form a ponytail and tuck in under the collar. This is the origin of the term, ‘all business up front and a party in the rear’.

To get a traditional mullet haircut, all one needs to do is have the barber cut the hair up front and on the sides to a short, traditional length and layer the hair in the back to a longer length, often covering the collar.

The ponytail mullet was epitomized by country singer Billy Ray Cyrus in the early 90s. This cut featured a traditional cut up front and was left long in the back. The long hair could be put into a ponytail or left loose.

Today, the mullet is not considered to be a mainstream haircut. It is often associated in a negative manner with fans of country music, heavy metal, and Australian rules football. However, many popular athletes and performers continue to wear a mullet.

While getting a mullet haircut is relatively simple, maintaining it so that it remains a stylish look takes a bit more effort and the use of a small amount of gel to create some curl and hold it in place.


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