How To Get Emo Hair

Photo of emo hair.
Emo hair.

Emo, a subculture of Punk, is all about individuality. However, there are certain traits that tie members of this group together and make them readily identifiable. One of these traits is hair style. This has many guys asking how to get Emo hair.

One of the main trends in Emo hairstyles is to have it asymmetrical. Typically, the front is a bit longer than the back and one side is a bit longer than the other. The hair is then styled so that the fringe covers one eye, if not both.

The other trend is to have the hair cut in uneven layers. Typically, a razor is used to create jagged cuts that add texture to the hair and make the layers blend or separate according to the desire of the person. Many people go for a very uneven, sort of shaggy look. This is easily accomplished by having a friend do the cutting. However, if one wants a more sculpted look, professional stylists should be consulted.

It is also considered customary to dye the hair black if it is not already. For added individuality, many guys choose to add at least one streak of a bright color such as blue or pink. There are no real limits on the color choices and no specific requirement that the hair be black. These are just conventions.

Emo hair can be styled with spikes or without them. There are no set rules defining what is and is not a true Emo style. Individuality is stressed over conformity. However, for those in search of ideas on the best way to style their hair, there are many different sources of photos that depict the many available options in hair styles that qualify as Emo.

If one feels up to the challenge, he can cut his own hair. Most men choose to have a professional do the cutting so that they look good rather than looking as if they have had their hair hacked off. The key is to choose whether or not to dye the hair, choose a color or colors if the answer is yes, get the hair cut, have it styled, and obtain the products needed to maintain the style between trims.

Most Emo styles are maintained with wax or pomade rather than gel. This is because the styles are intended to be softer, more muted. The one exception is the use of gel to keep spikes standing up for those who choose to wear them.


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