How To Cut Ivy League Haircut

The Ivy League is a short hairstyle that has achieved the status of classic. It is viewed as acceptable for wear in an office setting as the cut emphasizes neatness. This style grew out of the crew cut and follows the shape of the head closely. Here is a look at how to cut Ivy League haircut.

Anderson Cooper ivy league hairstyle.The hair on the sides and back of the head is cut to about one quarter inch. The hair on the crown is tapered with the far back being the same as the back of the head and the hair getting slightly longer as it moves toward the front of the head. The front is left at a length of one to one and a half inches so that it can be parted and combed to the side.

In general, this is considered a buzz cut because it is best achieved using hair clippers. Scissors have a potential to leave gaps and nicks, especially in the shortest areas of the hair unless the person using them is very experienced in providing this type of cut.

Cutting this style involves putting the appropriate guard on the blades to provide the right length for the sides and back. The clippers are run from the bottom to the top of these sections. A taper guard can be used in a side to side motion across the crown or the barber may work from back to front with a straight guard and ease the clippers out of the hair as he comes forward.

Cutting the top is done from the crown forward with the clipper being allowed to gently rise away from the scalp as it moves forward. This will taper the top hair and leave the appropriate length in front.

Styling involves parting the hair on one side, usually the left. The top hair is combed over to the opposite side. A small amount of gel or pomade is used to hold the hair in place and maintain the style.

How to cut a Ivy League haircut is not difficult. It does, however, require practice to be able to cut it perfectly every time. This is not a cut that a person wants to attempt to perform on his own head. It would be best to see a professional barber or stylist. However, a trusted friend can perform this cut by following the above steps.

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