How To Cut Emo Hair

emo hairstyle
Emo hairstyle

One of the more interesting subcultures to develop in recent years is known by the name emo. While these individuals cannot be classed as punk, they certainly strive to be very individual in their appearance. Yet, even within that individuality there are some common factors. One of these factors is the way they cut their hair. Still, there are some people who are just now learning how to cut emo hair.

Cutting emo hair is really not as complicated as it may seem. There are basically no rules on how to cut the hair, yet certain techniques seem to be shared quite often. One of these is the Fringe. Most members of the emo subculture like to have their hair cut in a fringe that is layered in such a way that it can be calm and over to cover one eye.

Another common practice when cutting emo hair is the use of a razor or razor comb. This gives the hair a great deal of texture with rough edges that blend into layers. It also makes the hair looks thicker and fuller.

Many emos choose to cut their own hair. This is normally done with a mirror in front and another in back raised a little so that the back of the hair can be seen clearly. It is highly recommended that if one is inexperienced in the art of cutting his own hair, he experiment down low so that subsequent layers can cover any mistakes. He should also limit the amount he tries to cut off at any one time as it is easier to cut more off than to try and put back what has been cut.

If one is not comfortable cutting his own hair, there is still the option of going to a salon or having a very trusted friend do the haircut. Learning how to cut emo hair is truly not complicated. It simply takes practice and a willingness to experiment with different cutting styles.

Another thing to consider, when cutting emo hair, is how the person intends to style the hair. Some common practices include spiking the hair on top and adding brightly colored highlights, stripes, or coloring the tips of the hair. It is important to remember to leave enough hair long enough to allow for these practices.

For these reasons, one will never see a short emo hairstyle. As one learns how to cut emo hair, he will learn how long to leave certain parts of the hair in order to support the desired style. Much of the hair will likely be of medium length. Some may need to be lived a little bit longer.


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