How To Cut A Mohawk Haircut

Mohawk haircut.
A mohawk haircut.

The Mohawk is one of the signature hairstyles of the punk subculture. However, there are several different ways to wear this type of style. This is why we are taking a look at how to cut a Mohawk haircut.

The first step is to take an electric clipper and cut all of the hair except a stripe about an inch wide down the center of the head as short as possible. Next, one will need to take a razor and shave the sides and back of the head to the bare skin, leaving only this one strip of hair.

The center stripe can vary from extremely short to quite long. One should choose the length desired and cut this strip if it is longer or work with it to let it grow if a longer length is desired. Regardless of the length, it is customary to allow the hair in this area to stand out from the head.

Sometimes, a variant on this style is used that leaves two stripes down the edges of the top of the head. The sides, back, and center of the top are shaved, leaving these two stripes about an inch wide each. Again, the length of the stripes is optional, from short to long as long as they stand up from the head.

Hair gel is used to provide the hold to keep the hair standing in place. This can be done in a solid fan or in Liberty spikes. The hair can also be colored in any way the wearer desires. This includes a multi-color color scheme. Colors are typically very bright, such as reds, blues, hot pinks, greens, etc.

Maintaining this style requires one to shave the bald areas of his head on a regular basis. This could be daily or every other day. Most shave daily. If the remaining hair is longer than desired, it is a simple matter to cut with a scissors to the proper length.

Learning how to cut a Mohawk haircut is not terribly difficult. One must just be willing to explore the wild side a bit. The easiest method is the single stripe down the center of the head. An alternative is two stripes of hair on the head. Everything thing else is cut as closely as possible with a scissors or clipper. This is then shaved smooth leaving only the stripe(s) that stand out from the head in a fan or in Liberty spikes.


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