How To Create Emo Highlights

An emo hairstyle photo.
Emo hairstyle.

Creating Emo highlights is becoming very popular. When you are looking at how to create Emo highlights, you will want to do some research on the many styles that fall into this styling category. This is a very distinctive style that gives a person an opportunity to develop a signature look.

When you are going to create the highlights, it will be helpful to talk to a professional who has knowledge and experience in the best types of cuts and products before you start. But, taking a few steps before seeing the professional will give them more to work with.

The key identifier for an Emo style is the dark or black base color that is topped by bright highlights. Depending on the type of look you are seeking, you may want to use gothic colors against a black base, punk rock colors like blue or red spikes, or for a more conservative look, blond highlights.

While the style looks very casual and thrown together, there is a lot of work involved in achieving the total look of the Emo style. The professional you visit will provide you with the gels, pomades, and conditioners that will be required to maintain your hair and keep the style in place.

One of the things you will need to discuss with the professional will be what types of activities you participate in on a regular basis. An individual who spends a lot of time in a pool that has chlorine in it will require different conditioners, colors, and gels than a person who is in an office environment on a daily basis.

In addition, the way that the hair falls naturally will also be a factor in the way that the hair is cut. Working with a professional on how to create Emo highlights will be important. In order to maintain a casual look, the style must begin with some of the natural characteristics and attributes of the hair. In some cases, the professional will need to straighten the hair prior to highlighting. Other times, they may need to provide a distinctive razor cut to create the jagged spikes that fall in wisps across the eye.

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