The Untold History Of The Mullet Hairstyle

The history of the mullet, contrary to popular belief, dates back to the 1960’s when Tom Jones first sported the haircut. The cut is short in the front and long in the back. David Bowie wore it in the 1970’ and so did Paul McCartney. But it wasn’t until the 1980’s that the haircut really took hold.

men's mullet hairstyle history

In the 1980’s along with an Achey Breaky Heart, came the re-emergence of the mullet in full force. Billy Ray Cyrus brought the mullet mainstream and bands such as Guns N’ Roses and the Motley Crue wore their own style of mullet. The mullets were bigger than ever before with the top being spikes or bouffant style. Highlights were included to add to the effect as well as curls in the back. Germany is one of the countries that embraced the mullet giving it the name Vokuhila.

The mullet had a life of its own. Men were wearing two different looks at one time. From the front it was all business, from the back it was a party. Along with Z Cavarricci pants, big gold necklaces and loafers with no socks, the look was complete. Everywhere you went, there was the mullet.

The mullet lasted well into the 1990’s where we saw John Stamos sport it on the popular television show Full House. Who didn’t want to look like Uncle Jesse with his shiny black mullet? The 90’s had a tamer version of the 80’s style, where the front was no longer spiked or high, it was shorter and closer to the head. The back was still long though. This haircut finally gave way to a haircut that seemed to be the polar opposite. Not really given a name, the top got longer and the back shorter. The tousled top was much sexier, with a neat back.

The history of the mullet shows us that this haircut was probably the most loved in its time, the most remembered by name and the most stereotyped haircut of all time. Now the reference to anyone wearing a mullet today is not really anything you want to hear. It doesn’t look like the mullet will ever return, but will live in history in the minds of those who wore them and in the pictures to show the next generations after that. If you dare!


  • In your mullet section you guys should include "European Mullets", like the one popular Russian singer "Dima Bilan" has, his mullet has been a popular haircut in last few years around Europe….

  • They both might be mentioned elsewhere on this site, but two gals scooped a lot of the guys mentioned here..Judy Carne (Burt Reynold's ex) and Jane Fonda in the film "Klute" (and for a long while afterwards) had mullet-type 'do's when Cyrus was in grade school and David Bowie was perfecting his Kate Hepburn look .

  • Well you left out the most important part of this haircut and where it came from, it was the punk rock, new wave scene that made this haircut popular… if you wanted this haircut in the late 70s you asked for a punk cut…. it was more exclusive to this community…. Then after the mainstream took it over, and then once it’s finally worn out it’s welcome, then as usual, here comes the county crowd and the pro wrestlers, which left it with it’s bad name…..

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