Headbands For Men With Long Hair

Image of Roger Federer with headbands.
Roger Federer with headbands.

Maybe you are wondering if headbands for men with long hair look masculine or not. After all, many males have longer hairstyles these days and still want to impress the ladies. Pony tails have been around for some time and yet they may not be the look that a man is going for. Here are some tips and suggestions for wearing a headband and still keeping a manly appearance.

There are four excellent ways to wear a band and still look good.

  1. The first one is in any kind of sports activity. There are many good products that will keep your hairstyle out of the way. They will also keep sweat from running into your eyes and onto your face. Many of these products come with sports logos and in many different colors.

    Sports bands have somewhat limited use, as you may not always be playing tennis or working out. However, there is another kind of band that is becoming very popular these days, and it doubles as a head warmer. These bands come in fleece and some of them resemble a stocking hat. Of course, these products work best in cool weather.
  2. Ninja or martial arts headbands provide another look for men. These bands can be very attractive and will keep your hair out of the way. These accessories will come in handy for the man that is interested in martial arts. However, they still may not have everyday appeal.
  3. If you are into the retro look and would like to resemble a hippie, there are many different headband selections to look into. These products will be acceptable for all kinds of occasions. They work well to keep your vision clear and they also show off your long hairstyle. This is in opposition to the pony tail which basically hides a longer hairstyle at the back of the head.
  4. If you cannot find a good hippie headband, you can make one for not much money. You need to measure the circumference of your head and also buy some fabric and elastic. It may be a good idea to have someone that is experienced in sewing to help you for this project.

If you take it all into perspective, it is possible to look masculine wearing headbands for men with long hair. However, it is best not to use the kind that fit back by the ears. Sports products, cold weather, and the hippie look, are good examples of what you can wear today.

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