Hair Care Tips For Men With Long Hair

Photo of Tommy Shaw hairstyle.
Tommy Shaw hairstyle.

It is not unusual for some men to sport long hair. Most men usually want to take it easy on the grooming and that includes hair care. Long hair does not require too much maintenance, contrary to popular belief. Keeping the hair clean and out of the face are usually what a guy needs to ensure if he wants to sport long locks. Here are other effective and practical hair care tips for long hair.

  • Wash the hair every regularly.
    Men tend to sweat heavier than most women so hair usually ends up smelly and greasy after the end of a long day’s work. Washing removes odors and keeps the hair from retaining funky sweat smells. It is recommended to wash the hair regularly but you can opt to use shampoo every other day to avoid stripping the hair of its natural oils. Too much shampoo can dry out the scalp and cause dandruff.
  • Keep the hair in place using a ponytail.
    Most men with long hair wear the hair pulled back for practical purposes. Unless you are a male model, you should keep the hair together in a neat ponytail to avoid having it all over your face especially at work. It works best for straight and wavy hair. This also prevents the hair from coming in contact with your face which can irritate the skin. Use a snag-free hair elastic meant to be worn in the hair for a neat, well-kept look. The recommended one is Blax Hair Elastics. These bands are available online for a few dollars and can be used over and over again. Just be sure to remove the elastic when sleeping.

    Image of Blax hair elastics.
    Blax Hair Elastics

  • Avoid rubbing wet hair with a towel.
    Hair care experts will tell you that it is a no-no to rub wet hair vigorously with a towel. Rubbing causes breakage and promotes split ends, which give hair an unhealthy, dry look. After a shower, pat the hair dry instead. Never wring or crumple wet hair to get the water out since this could break the hair strands as well.
  • Avoid chemical treatments on the hair.
    Men with long hair should avoid using harsh chemicals on the hair. These include hair straighteners which can be very harsh and cause the hair to become dry and brittle. Most men find it hard to maintain the hair after it has been chemically treated and the hair becomes more dry and damaged as a result.
  • Get a trim every six weeks.
    This is one way to maintain the healthy and shiny look of the hair and is the only way to remove damaged hair. Regular trims prevent split ends. You can easily tell your barber that you only want to remove the damaged part if you want to grow out your hair. This way, there is no drastic change in length. Regular trimming also promotes more rapid hair growth.
  • Use a good conditioner.
    A good conditioner keeps frizz at bay and makes the hair easier to control. This is very important if hair is already dry and brittle. A conditioner will help seal in the moisture and make the hair feel softer. You can also use a light hair serum to add more shine to the hair and to smooth out the appearance of the hair.
  • Choose a hair length to suit your hair texture.
    One of the most common problems men have with their hair is that it can become unruly and styling could be hard to do. The main cause for unruly hair is the wrong cut. Experts advise choosing a cut that fits the texture of the hair. Men with fine, thin hair should stick to shorter lengths, preferably lengths that do not go past the length of the shoulders, to avoid the appearance of weighed-down, flat hair. Guys with thick, coarse hair can work with various cuts, but they should also avoid using too much hair products to avoid weighing the hair down. Men who want to use hair products should avoid putting the product on the roots since this can give the hair a greasy, wet look.

Hair care for men with long hair is not as hard as most people think. Men simply need to keep the hair clean with regular washing. The right cut is also important since it can affect how the hair falls. Men who do not want to deal with too much maintenance should avoid using chemicals on the hair. Not only will chemicals cause dryness and breakage, they also require more care and maintenance than most men would want to do.

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