How To Grow Thicker Sideburns

Through the centuries, men have worn a variety of different styles of sideburns. However, the name is relatively new, going back only a couple of hundred years. One thing that has been shown time and again is that men look better with some type of sideburns than without. Some find it easy to see results while others find it more difficult. For these, the question how to grow thicker sideburns comes up quite often.

There is no one answer that works for every man. Those in their late teens and early twenties are fighting against their own genetic code. Some men mature later than others and some gain the ability to display a crop of facial hair sooner than others. In many cases, the only way to gain more growth is to wait until the body matures enough to support the hair.

Many claim that shaving the area in front of the ears will cause the hair to come in thicker and faster. The truth is that shaving will have no effect on the speed with which the hair grows. It can, however, cause the individual strands to appear thicker due to the angle at which they are cut by the razor. They also tend become stiffer and more wiry when cut with a razor.

It is sometimes possible to stimulate the follicles in this area of the face by massaging the skin. This can increase blood flow to the area, bringing more nutrients to the follicles that can be used to produce hair.

While one is considering the value of nutrients, it might be wise to mention that changing the diet may help encourage hair growth. It is also believed that adding supplements to the daily nutritional intake can be helpful.

Most suggest that getting sideburns started is best accomplished by not shaving for an extended period of time. This hair will grow out at the same rate as the rest of the facial hair. The sideburns can then be shaped when the face is reintroduced to the razor. One can establish definite areas of coverage and cut away the rest of the hair on the face. After this, getting them to thicken is a matter of not cutting the hair.

Once the desired length is reached, one can use a scissors or electric trimmer to maintain it. Those who allow this hair to grow very long will develop what have come to be called mutton chops. These appear very thick when viewed from the front, though the reality is that the length of the hair hides any thin patches.

For the most part, learning how to grow thicker sideburns is a matter of waiting long enough for the follicles in that area to become active. Once these hairs begin to grow, one can shape and control the area of growth to make it appear thicker or thinner. Usually allowing the hair to grow longer within defined borders established by razor makes them look thicker. Other things that can be helpful include massaging the face and adding certain key nutrients known to be essential to the production of healthy hair to the diet.


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