High & Tight Haircut: How to Get One?

Knowing how to give yourself a high and tight haircut can help save on barber shop costs whether you are in the military or a civilian who prefers to wear the shorter hairstyles. The process is fairly simple and straightforward, though it might be necessary to perfect the technique through a process of trial and error.

The first step is to take an electric clipper with an adjustable blade setting on its shortest cut and shave the sides and back of your head up to the base of the crown. This line should remain level all around your head. Using a mirror is helpful, but one should also feel the shaved area all the way around and make certain that no long hairs have been missed.

Next, adjust the blades to a longer setting and make a pass parallel to the shaved area all the way around. Work from front to back and straight across the back, making certain to hold the blade perpendicular to the floor to achieve a fade rather than flat across the head. Cutting too much off the top sides will result in a Mohawk rather than a high and tight.

Now, put a guard on the clipper with the guide set for the length you want on top. Make another pass, just above the last one on the sides and back. Again, hold the clipper perpendicular to the floor to create a fade toward the top.

With the guard in place, move to the crown of the head and begin working from back to front. Do not hold the clipper tight to the head all the way. Instead, when you pass the peak of the head, keep the clipper moving in the same plane so that it lifts away from the head as you move forward. This will create a fade from back to front. Done properly, it should leave short bangs that stand out from the front of the head, but do not lie down on the forehead.

It is a good idea to have a friend examine the haircut and make recommendations for correcting flaws. It is possible that you might have to shave your head and try again in a few weeks to create the perfect cut. However, once you learn it, you will never have to pay a barber again unless you choose to change your hairstyle.


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