How To Get Waves With Straight Hair Men

Women have a huge arsenal of hairstyling tricks that allow them to do almost anything with their hair. But many wonder how to get waves with straight hair men. After all, men’s hair is normally shorter than a woman’s. However, this is not always the case.

For those guys who like to keep their locks longer, braiding the hair at night and taking it down the next morning is a good way to get waves into straight hair. Of course, this trick only works if one has hair long enough to braid.

Those with more medium length hair can try drying their hair upside down while scrunching it up toward the head. This method is far from foolproof, however, and requires the use of hairspray with extra hold to keep the waves in the hair.

The best method for getting waves in straight hair for men, and it works regardless of the length of the hair, is to have it cut in layers. This gives the illusion of wavy hair even though the strands remain as straight as ever. Scissors and razor cutting are the best tools for this type of cutting because they change the shape of the hair strands’ ends and add texture and volume to the hairstyle.

Other things that a guy might try include the use of a crimping iron, soft rollers, or, in extreme need, getting a permanent. However, these tend to require that the hair be at least medium length if not long. Also, permanents are not really recommended by their manufacturers to be used simply to put waves into hair. They are intended to make straight hair curly.

How to get waves with straight hair men is not a straightforward proposition. The process one can use to achieve this goal varies a great deal with the length and fullness of the hair.



  • For medium hair, I have had great luck with scrunch drying. Add some paste or other volumizing product while hair is is still damp, and bring it to completely dry with warm heat while scrunching sections of hair. Let the hair cool before you let go of each section. To finish, scrunch in some more paste after you’re done drying. This will put movement even into hair that is quite straight.

  • I have some natural curl, but without styling it is chaos. I have some metal hair clips, so I comb my hair straight back and then push it forward so that it falls into waves. Carefully without removing my hair I clip the waves into place. Likewise on the sides, I find the wave and anchor it with a clip. I then twist up the back and clip it into place.

    HOWEVER, I also sometimes go to the local beauty college and get a roller set. My hair is about 8 inches long and this works nicely for me. I specify 1″ rollers. This is fun, and if you do it several times you and the stylist will find what best works for you.


  • Nice methods you shared about get waves with straight hair.good posting and thanks for sharing it with us.

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