How To Get A Frohawk Hair Style

One hairstyle that allows one to go a little wild without having to actually cut off a lot of hair is known as the frohawk. This style is only achievable by someone with curly hair. Beyond that fact, there is not much to learning how to get a frohawk hair style.

Creating A Frohawk Without Shaving The Sides Of The Head

This hairstyle is based on the Mohawk style that has become popular amongst punk rockers. The difference lies in the fact that the sides of the head do not have to be shaved. In fact, they do not even have to be cut shorter than the top, as with a faux-hawk. Instead, this style is achieved using styling techniques.

  • In its most basic form, this is a style that is easily accomplished. All one has to do is push the sides of the hair up into the center stripe so that it stands up from the head. Bobby pins are typically used to hold the side hair in place. A bit of gel can be used to help.
  • Another trick that is commonly used is to cornrow the sides of the hair. However, there are two ways to go about this. The cornrows can be created in an up and down direction that points into the center strip or they can be created running from front to back as normal. If this approach is taken, the cornrows stop, leaving the center strip about two inches wide.

    Photo of cornrowed afro mohawk.
    Cornrowed afro mohawk.

The Advantages Of Frohawk

One huge advantage that the frohawk has over other “hawk” styles is the fact that it is not necessary to cut the hair in any special way. This means that one can style his hair into the frohawk on the weekends or in the evening when going out and wear a more conservative style when going into the office.

It is also a style that can be worn to most places of employment. It does not shock people the way a true Mohawk would. This style is worn by many athletes with curly hair because it helps to keep their hair away from the face while engaged in their sport.

Learning how to get a frohawk hair style is not too difficult. The hardest part is getting enough bobby pins in place to provide adequate hold. Not having enough can put them under too much strain and cause them to break, releasing the hair to fall back to the sides and ruin the hairstyle.

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