Gerard Way Hairstyle

Gerard Way hairstyle Gerard Way haircut. Picture by tiffs pictures.

Gerard Way is the lead vocalist and co-founder of the band My Chemical Romance. He combines melancholy, black shaggier styles, heavy eyeliner, black dress, & horror to express his style. His style works well for straight hair. Cut with a razor, dyed it black, keep the bangs long, sweep the bangs to one side, & let bangs covering dark eye.


  • “Gerard Way has nothing to do with emo.

    Um, you’re wrong. Considering during their debut album they, and others officially stated that they are “the” emo band. However in their newer album “The Black Parade” they went more for a dark rock orchestra, which I loved.

  • I had hair that kinda looked like that minus the black. BUT THEN THIS SON OF A NIGGER BARBER WHENT AND ****ED IT UP!! DANG IT!

  • “Um, you’re wrong. Considering during their debut album they, and others officially stated that they are “the” emo band. However in their newer album “The Black Parade” they went more for a dark rock orchestra, which I loved.”

    umm no, your wrong…real emo music is bands like circle takes the square, rites of spring, sunny day real estate, texis is the reason, and saetia…bands im sure you’ve never heard of

  • i’m sure we havn’t!
    why would i want to listen to stupid emo bands that don’t sing…. they whine…. emo is stupid if you want to listen to dark and depressing lyrics…. theres a one off boy dylan record thats meant to blow you away

  • First off, his name is GERARD, are you dumb?? And he's much more than a pretty face. *shakes fist* stupid fan girls… make the rest if us look bad.
    Second, I love how they made sure that they highlighted "WITH A RAZOR".
    sterotypes all around eh?
    three. Thiss guyyy is pretty much the most amazing person on the face of the earth.
    ILU GEE! <3 Keep rocking that hurr! :3 ^^

  • Don’t complain about him Being emo ever!!!!! He used to be f**king homeless. He deserves respect and for the person whining about it not being real emo, the original emo is blues dumbass, the first kinds of emo rock was bands like sunny day real estate and rites of spring, HOWEVER all music has a past and all music has a present, capt’n jazz and the original emo rock died to the modern age and then we had a few branches, post hard-core (scary kids scaring kids, dance gavin dance, akissforjersey) screamo ( drop dead, gorgeous- the best of em all- from autumn to ashes with broken wings) and acoustic ( dashboard confessional mayday parade and whatnot) just because it’s original doesn’t mean it’s better

  • i POSTED THIS ON ANOTHER PIC BUT ONCE AGAIN WE ARE FAGSS for posting stuff about guys hair and yay girls i like V

  • i love gerard so all u people making crap about him should go suck ur poop!!!! i liked his blonde hair better though that was hot!

  • yo dont hate on gerard just cuz he looks better then u k? i bet hes 20 times mor talented then u. hes friggin gorgeouse unlike half yall

  • Hes a guy… i kinda like his long hair better…but i like this too…you know what lets just say he’ll look cute in anything

  • Wow, a talented musician and hot too xD Go Gerard abd MCR! By the way, show some respect! His songs are actually meaningful than all the other crap out there.

  • Oh sweet Jesus…all I wanted to do was find a new hairstyle, not read masturbatory posts from Tiger Beat tweens and rants from jealous guys.
    For the love of all that is good and decent, get a job!

  • He's my 3 favorite in teh band….

    SO HOTTTTTTT <3 <3 <3 <3

    XD XD

  • … I have a qustion for all of you readers…. If atleast one girl is looking at this pic please say so… Im begging you lol.
    P.S. I have nothing against "Emo" So all you haters.. Get some education
    And for all of you homophobes
    First off Im not gay and I listen and dress Emo/Scene so "Only f*gs listen to Emo" Is a huge steriotype!… That is all

  • By the way, he was gay but now he's married. Boo-hoo for the fangirls. And his hair is fabulous in this pic, he's a sexy man. =)

  • First He IS NOT GAY (he is married.)
    Second and the most important HEE IS NOT EMO!!!!

    Im a girl, 14 years old but i wont tell OHH HE IS F*CKING AWESOOME like stupid teenage girls. Please ladies control youreself

    Im not gay, i tell this cause people always tell this when they have and oportunity.

  • "Gerard Way has nothing to do with emo.

    "Um, you're wrong. Considering during their debut album they, and others officially stated that they are "the" emo band. However in their newer album "The Black Parade" they went more for a dark rock orchestra, which I loved."

    From wiki – 'The band's official website describes their music as simply "rock" or "violent, dangerous pop", as well as Gerard Way publicly rejecting the term "emo" to describe their style.'
    '…Way has stated in an interview that they were never emo, saying emo is "a pile of sh*t" and " garbage"'


  • i have only come on this to look for a hairstyle and im reading all these comments lol, some of the comments are funny but most of them are soooooooo gay, gerard way IS awesome

  • I'd love hair like this. Unfortunately I was viciously malled by a dog at a young age and left horribly disfigured, therefore I could never pull off a style like this.

    You think your childish comments are important? I have a shredded face. Grow up.

  • To the guy above wazza. Im sorry but I laughed at ¨I have a shredded face.¨ I don´t know wether to take you seriously or call you a troll. But mentioning that you got dog raped doesn´t really help people stop making childish comments, it makes them lol and write hurtful things.I lol´d. And im sorry 🙂 (JustSaying)

  • Hey all.

    I'm Andrew

    I like rock music. Not particulary emo, althow 1 or 2 songs are in my preferences. And I'd like nothing betre then to have a goth\emo girlfrend 😉

    I dont know about u guys but I'l try this stylle.

    And wold the racists stay away from the "Post a Coment" buton plz.

  • wow y are girls going on a mens hairstyle site? just asking. i like mcr they songs are pretty cool i dont know what is rong with emo

  • well i’m a girl and just so u guys know im on here to get some new ideas for hairstyles for me and who ever is a homophobic on here im not gonna be mean but please leave ur rude comments to urself i’m bisexual and i have to deal with being called a fag everyday and just because someone looks gay does not mean they are just so u ppl know k and gerard way and frank iero are awsome and super talented rock on MCR and anyone who agrees with me or goes threw the same probs im here for you and u guys rock

  • “Emo is Blues”

    I’m sorry, but the last time somebody was as wrong as you was in 1940 when the French Ambassador told his country that ‘There will be no war!’

    And as for the rest of you, I absolutely died from laughter at all of your childish arguing, and part if it was from some of your so called ‘English’ gave me cancer it was so terrible.

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