Flat Top Haircuts: 40 On-trend Looks for Men

Latest Haircuts for Black Men with Flat Hair on Top

If you are an African-American man, your hair is one of your most prized possessions. The flat top hairstyle is perfect for your hair; it is practical and looks chic and sophisticated.

9. Flat Top with Fade

Flat Top Haircuts for Black Men

A great way to modernize a flat top is to add razored details in the area of the taper fade. This tends to add more edge and fun to the complete look.


10. High Top Fade with Curls

black guy with flat top haircut

In case you are the person who prefers a bit of length, this hairstyle is perfect. It allows you to keep a little bit of length whilst shaping the top precisely. It is a fun and neat hairstyle.


11. Curly Temp Fade with Pink Tips

Pink is a great color for tanner skin; it goes well with dark roots as well. Pink tips with your regular flat top haircut is the right way to spice it up. It’s edgy yet looks great.


12. Neon Taper Fade

The best part about being African-American is that you can pull off sporting any color. Since neon has recently made a comeback, this haircut is perfect. You can incorporate neon to spice up a flat haired top. It’s trendy and it looks stunning.


13. Purple Top with Medium Bald Fade

Here is another example of Flattops and color being a perfect combination. The purple color is trendy but not extremely out, it draws the right amount of attention. The look is fun and a great way to make a fashion statement.


14. High & Tight Fade

This flat top haircut for black men is highly inspired by a military cut. If you prefer short, practical and low maintenance hair, this is perfect.


15. Triangular Flat Top

best flat top haircuts for black guys

This triangular asymmetrical flat hair on top with a hard part is the perfect fashion statement. Even though it is extravagant the look is clean and chic.


16. Black Men’s Undercut

This flat styled hair along with razored details is a great mix of classic and modern. It is practical and looks trendy and stylish as well.

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