5 Tips on How To Fix A Bad Haircut For Men

Men spend at least as much time and money on their hair as women. After all, men have to look good too and hairstyles play a large role in this. However, there are times when one goes to a salon or barber shop and gets a haircut that looks horrible or someone makes a slip that destroys the style. These situations can leave one wondering how to fix a bad haircut.

1. Choose a New Style

One common cause is that someone may see a style on a celebrity in a magazine and decide that he wants to copy that style. However, once the style is created, he finds that it does not flatter him the way it did that celebrity. The result is a terrible haircut.

In a case like this, it might be best to allow the stylist to choose how to best mitigate the problem. He/she is trained in recognizing facial shapes and selecting styles that will match them. Allowing him/her leeway to select the new style will usually result in a much more acceptable look, albeit shorter than originally planned.

Exploring new looks in this fashion can have many benefits. Sometimes, it can inspire one to change other facets of his life that impact his career and/or social relationships.

2. Go to Another Salon

If one does not have faith that the person cutting the hair has the necessary skill to redo it and create a look that will work, there is always the option of going to another salon. This will likely be the case if the bad haircut was the result of an error on the part of the stylist during the process rather than a poorly chosen style at the beginning. Perhaps, another stylist may be able to make the needed adjustments to salvage the style or create a new one that works.

3. Cut Shorter

For many men, the option is to simply choose a shorter hairstyle. Those who normally wear long hair might want to consider a medium length style. Those who normally wear medium hair might want to look into a short style, or even a buzz cut. Changing the length class of the style the person wears can open up hundreds or thousands of new options that will be found acceptable.

4. Shave the Head

A last resort that could become necessary is to simply shave the head. This has the advantage of giving one a clean slate from which to begin anew growing the hair out to the length needed for a preferred style. Most men find that they look good bald. There are a few, however, for whom this is not a viable option. They may have excessive scars on their heads, big ears that stick out from the sides of the head, or other features that make shaving the head a bad choice.

5. Wear a Hat & Accept it

If it becomes impossible to cut enough hair off to create a workable style, one may be left with the option of wearing a hat/wig everywhere or living with the bad hairstyle. If this becomes the case, one can take heart from the fact that the hair usually grows at a rate of about a half inch per month and will grow back to a workable length in a relatively short time. Of course, during this time, it is likely that one will be looking for a new stylist or barber to avoid a repeat of the problem.

Getting a bad haircut is something that will happen from time to time. One might choose a style that does not really work with his features or the person doing the cutting might be inexperienced or having a bad day. In either of these cases, there are several options to remedy the situation.

How to fix a bad haircut is one of the skills that modern stylists learn. This allows them to make decisions based on the shape of one’s face to create a style that will be flattering to his features. Granting the stylist the freedom to select a new style is the most logical choice for mitigating the situation. If this is not feasible, it might be possible to cut the hair shorter and choose a new style altogether. Shaving the head and starting over may work as a last resort for many men.


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