Faux Hawk (Fohawk) Hairstyles – Pictures Gallery & How to Cut

Sweeping the nation for the last year or two is the faux hawk (fauxhawk) or fohawk hairstyle. This newer version of the Mohawk hairstyle so popular in the 1980’s does not involve cutting the hair so drastically on the sides of the head. A simple slightly shorter cut to the sides and back with the hair somewhat longer on the top of the head allows for the faux hawk hairstyle to be easily manipulated into shape with a touch of gel or wax. Simply smooth the sides back, ease the top into a tapered point and you’re done!

Faux Hawk hairstyle

Another wonderful aspect of the faux hawk hairstyle is the ease in which it is hidden during the normal workday. It can be simply brushed back, or parted and brushed to the sides and no one is the wiser that when you go home you get a little bit on the wild side! A light mist of water to reactivate the styling product already in your hair, a quick swipe with a brush or comb and you’re done!

The faux hawk hairstyle can even be done without having to cut any of the hair at the sides of the head, just simple restyling. It’s great for the individual that has concerns about going with the true Mohawk, and just want to try out a new look. It’s also less expensive just to try out, because, once again, it’s a matter of styling. You don’t have to worry about waiting for your hair to grow back if you hate it, you didn’t spend a fortune on it, and you don’t have to wear it all the time.

Any person can look great with a faux hawk hairstyle. Young boys, teens, college students, men and women can all sport the faux hawk. I’ve seen women wear it with a sprinkling of bangs and men wear it standing straight up over seven inches high! Often, the wearers cannot be seen at work with a true Mohawk, so the faux hawk hairstyle is a great alternative. They look great in the office, and great at the club!

The faux hawk is really the best of both worlds. You can fit in no matter where you go, if it’s up or down. It’s two hairstyles in one and both look great! So just give in to the temptation, add a little styling product to your ‘do and see what you think. I’ll bet you like it!


How to Cut and Style A Faux Hawk

Cutting a faux hawk is a fairly simple matter. The sides of the hair are cut shorter while leaving a band of longer hair up the middle. The advantage of this style is that it can be worn in a more conservative manner for working and restyled into the faux hawk at night for going out.

The hairstyle is easy to maintain with regular trim. And you can style it in minutes. The video below shows you how to style a faux hawk.


Faux Hawk Gallery:


1. Front-Swept Faux Hawk

Faux Hawk hairstyle for men

Let’s start off with a classic faux hawk hairstyle. Well, maybe it’s not so classic—there’s a fade happening on the sides, leading up to a slightly longer crop, which transitions into the actual faux hawk. I love the swept-forward ‘do—there’s always something a little impish and bad ass about it.


2. Textured Faux Hawk

Faux Hawk Texture hairstyle for men

A few layers add dimension and depth to your faux hawk—alternately, and cleverly, known as a fohawk, by the way. Texture creates instant bedhead, plus it gives you the chance to mess around with a variety of styles.


3. Curly Fohawk

Curly Fohawk black hairstyle for men

Technically speaking, this is more like a real mohawk, but the curls are kept short, and you don’t shave it to the scalp. I prefer the fade, and that hard line is a magnificent detail. Those curls, though—I die.


4. Contrasting Color

faux hawk color full hairstyle for boy

Why not have some fun with your faux hawk hairstyle? Dye the longer hair a daring color. Red catches the eye, but it’s a safe choice. Experiment with a hue that no one expects from you.


5. Tousled to Death

fade fawk hawk hairstyle you like

You’ll have women—or men—running their fingers through your hair from the moment you step out with this cut. It’s tousled to perfection. Seriously, that’s flawless. The fade is an eye-catching touch, particularly with that hard line.


6. Classic Fohawk

Classic Fohawk hairstyle for men

Feast your eyes on the traditional fohawk in all its messy, stylish glory. Note the hair that remains along the temples. That’s the hallmark of a genuine faux hawk. The long hair then spikes upward, inward, and slightly backward.


7. Swooped ‘hawk

This is a faux hawk hairstyle that has undercut aspirations. Instead of combing your hair to the side or straight back, however, you style it upwards with the faintest hint of a pompadour.


8. Embellished and Edgy

Check out that flawless design. That’s art. You couldn’t make that more perfect if you followed a stencil. The fohawk is a classic, as well—short, tidy, and slick as hell.


9. Undercut Faux Hawk

ndercut Faux Hawk hairstyle for men

The undercut and the faux hawk honestly are a match made in heaven. His fade is sick, too—the gradient is on-point.


10. Spiked Up

Spiked Up hairstyle for men

Here’s another perfect example of a faux hawk hairstyle in its original form. It’s all about the shape of the hair on type. Remember: inward, upward, slightly back.


  • I have a little bit curly and wavy hair, so i have to use a flatiron to plane it to make a good fauxhawk. Can you give me tips for glazing my hair, cause it´s often very hard at my short hair

  • Glazing your hair is will only optimize the look and feel of your hair. To straighten curly hair, it’s far better if you use a curl relaxer. It will soften and relax your hair easily.

  • thank you for the tip, but does this also work on 3-4 inch long hair? And from where can get this “curl relaxer”?

    • Curl relaxer is just called relaxer, find it at any black beutyshop or walmart, or anywear,you have to ask around. 😛 im mixed and i use it with my fauxhawk, the effects last 4-6 weeks and constant conditioning is a must! :3

  • Hi i normally have to straighten my hair, since it is quite thick, i also get it thinned when i go to the hair dressers, but when i put gel in it it doesn’t want to stay straight (unless straightened) was wondering if you guys knew any good products that could help sort out this problem, because i keep on getting told that if i continue to straighten hair its not good for it. any help would be much appriciated

  • To “The Tommy S”:

    You can use wax, not any ordinary wax, but ask your hair stylist or any hair person for a stick of wax for your hair, that is what I use.

  • Um..
    I really want to have my hair as like a Joe hawk or whatever with a fringe like one of the images…
    But should I straighten my hair with a straightener first then use wax?

  • hey

    i have pretty curly hair, actually really curly hair. will the fauxhawk still work for me, cause i really like the sytle of cut

  • Thnks..
    Where can I get the Elmer’s Glue?
    Coz I use the antenna wax and Schwarzkopf glue..
    Also..what do I say to the hairdresser…can u cut it to a fawkshawk??

    • He wrote “Thnks..
      Where can I get the Elmer’s Glue?
      Coz I use the antenna wax and Schwarzkopf glue..
      Also..what do I say to the hairdresser…can u cut it to a fawkshawk??”

      Tip one, Start with a number 2 buzzer and go straight down the middle of your head, then take a #3 buzzer and do the rest. Take the Elmer’s glue and collect all hair clippings. rub the Elmer’s glue “bought just about anywhere” and rub the glue down the center of your head where hair would now be shortest, let sit for 1-2 mins, the sprinkle the hair shavings down the middle of head were glue was applied. Let sit for 30 mins. then coat with super hold hair spray. “do not touch hair for next 24 hours as style will be setting in.

      If you feel that there is not enough hair in the middle or is not as high or thick as you would like, please as a friend or family member with similar colored hair to buzz their hair and let you use there clippings. Please make sure they wash it first. Hygiene is important.

      I personally prefer Gorilla Glue, bought at a local hardware store “ironically”

      Good luck and post photos when done..

      Read more: http://coolmenshair.com/2008/02/faux-hawk-hairstyles.html#ixzz295LqoEYT

  • you could also trying using pommade. it’s like a grease/wax substance and it’s much easier to use than your basic wax stick.

    several brands i’ve used are Crew and Short Cuts, and they work quite well for me.

  • I like this style but im used to have a 0 back and sides and 5 on the top, if i let it grow how long should i have the top and sides?
    And im wanting it to cover my forhead a bit, but still have the spikenes on the top and back. Anyone who can help me on this? Thanks

  • i like this hair style and have just recently got it cut again, but this time i got bleached blond streaks my natural hair is DARK brown and with wax in it it looks black. i use keune forming wax,i have tried vo5 wax and a gel i found the wax made made my hair too oily with no hold and the gel was just awful. As i live in australia and cant buy and try gatsby or ice spiker

  • A very good product to shape your hair to a fauxhawk is the Fudge Hair Shaper, works like a wax holds like a Gel. Has a very nice Finish. Very nice smell as well..very nice hold too.

  • I really like the jude law soft faux hawk but my hair is super wavy super thick and curly any advice on what I should tell my hairdresser and what I should do to maintain it?

  • to the guy on the november 12,2008 anonymous . talking about the keune products . any styling product used in your hair is going to appear to have darkened your colour .in the keune range i would go for the keune BLEND . and try mixing the clay and wax or the paste and clay or even the paste and wax . all of the blend products give a good hold,shine and a great smell .

  • so i have a fauxhawk with a mullet and no matter what i do i can never get a soft dry and razor sharp texture that i want it always comes out kind of clumped together and looking wet i use a flat iron and usually sumotech and hairspray. is there anything i should do to get this texture?

  • Hi

    I recently went to a hairsalon, told the girl to cut my hair in a way that she think will look good on me.

    She cut my hair cut my hair and styled it for me and told me its a faux hawk with a drylook. Just got some questions about the hair style…

    When I have to style my hair do I first use wax, style the hair and then apply hairspray ? She told me she used wax but can somebody tell me how to use wax and hairspray to get the faux hawk dry look again ?

    Also I got very curly hair but she used a hair straightener. I will probably kill myself using a device like that. Can somebody please recommend me a good hair straightener product ?

    I really like the dryhair look, my hair is lightbrown but if I use gel my hair turn black.

  • if you have curly hair.. try axe gel spiked look that you can get from wall greens… and just spike it…. i keep mine up by rubbing some gel through most of my hair and i curve down the sides to get a faux hawk and i leave the bangs down… its pretty cool

  • for a good fohawk; you don’t want to be using any gel types. they make your hair appear slick and greasy. also it’s too heavy to keep the look. often the hair will fall. what you want to do, is purchase “spray wax” it’s the best!.

  • My hair is thick in the back and on the sides but thin in the front. Is there a way to get the fohawk to look good even though there is less hair in the front?

  • my hairline at the back grows upwards at either side making it difficult to put down flat atm i use gel but it isnt the best is there any other ways????

  • hi call me "kyle" or "twiggys" there is only one wax that puts your hair up no matter how long or curly your hair is…

  • My hair is not thick at all, and very very light and poofy. This poof is natural and my hair stays poofy until it's probably around 4-5 inches long. Would a fauxhawk still work for me, because I know the sides should be short..but if my hair is short, it's poofy and I dunno if that'll work with a fauzhawk…I hope that made sense.

  • Fiber Fiber Fiber! Especially for ppl with thick hair, Fiber by Crew is the end all be all! I have ridiculously thick hair and I've been rockin a foax hawk for the past 5 years. Before I found Fiber I tried using everything… gels, waxes, pomades, molding creams and everything in between to no avail. Since my hair is so thick it would either fall over, clump up, or curl up using those other products.

    There are three simple things to remember to get a badass foax hawk especially if you have thick hair: #1 Get some Fiber by Crew. Sure it's expensive, but that's just cause it works… it's about $15 for a relatively small canister. #2 Make sure your hair is COMPLETELY day, any moisture will cluster f#$% your efforts. #3 Make sure your doing the styling in a cool dry place and that your hair/scalp is at room temperature…. don’t start styling right after you've used the blow dryer and your head is warm/hot or if you're sweating from running around… any kind of heat is your enemy.

    After that it's smooth sailing, of coarse it'll help if you have your stylist go to town on your head with the thinning sheers and using some sort of relaxing/straightening product. And if you have the time and the patience using a flat iron once your hair is dry will definitely supplement your efforts. Once your hair is completely dry, use the flat iron section by section to straighten your hair, once your hair/scalp has completely cooled down apply the Fiber (the thicker your hair the more you're gunna use) working it into your hair in the general direction you'll want your hawk to look until it disappears, then use a combo and or your hands to style, finally spray with a firm holding hair spray so the style will hold all day! You'll be good to go all day long beatin the gurlies off with a stick!

  • ok so im trying to make myself a fohawk and im not sure im getting anywhere could someone please give me some tips on how to get a nice looking fauxhawk?(fohawk)


  • I have naturally wavy hair it's not straight nor curly and when i don't put anything in it, it looks like an afro. I was never able to find a style I liked because I would pick out styles that are meant for other hair type so it would usually be a disappointment after getting my hair cut. I started using this style and now it looks great. There is a lot of work to it though, especially for people with curly or wavy hair. The best option is to get the sides and back cut very low (2 is a good option). In the top tell your stylist to remove the volume but leave the length long. It looks a lot better when the top is left long. This cut should be done monthly in order to maintain the style neat.

    Things you will need:

    – Hair straightening iron preferably one that is designed for men (1 inch or less)
    – Hair wax
    make sure it's not too liquidy nor too thick
    – Hairspray

    Steps to do your hair in the morning:
    1. After taking a shower towel dry your hair.
    2. It might still be damp so it is a good idea to blow dry it. It doesn't have to be dried in any specific way. Just make sure it is completely dry.
    3. After the hair iron is hot, start at the side of your head and iron a section from front to back making sure you flatten the tips. You will notice how smooth it looks.
    4. Continue ironing the next sections the same way starting at the front and working your way to the back.
    5. Flatten any undone parts to make sure the tips stick out towards the top.
    6. Put a decent amount of wax on the palm of your hand and rub both hands to even out the wax on your hands. Style it through the hair making sure not to put too much as it might cause the hair to lose the straightness. Play around with it until you find the style you like
    7. Pull on the tips to perfect the style.
    8. Add some hairspray to maintain the style during the day.

    This style is good for one day, I wouldn't recommend doing it the night before or maintaining it for several days as sweating can cause the style to frizz.

  • i suggest hair clay, it does marvels. I have a faux hawk mullet inspired by cristiano ronaldo, except my barber always messes it up…
    anyways, the clay is from schwarzkopf, its called "rough clay"

  • Screaming Hold spiking glue by Got To Be is also a great option. Comes in a yellow vertical tube with a silver cap.

  • Hey guys im 14 i have had a faux hawk for a few months i get some awesome comments at school about it but lately i got bored with it

    I use hair pomade to keep it up straight up with the sides kept down, i have natural brown hair and i want to dye the spikes pure white but not permanent so like i can reaply it every day

    Suggestions would be great!

  • If you look at the logo at the top of the website's page, the hair style on the right, what is that called? or where can i find real pictures of it?

  • Just curious what is the length on that hair cut. I like that length an think I want to get it cut to that length please let me know thanks.

  • i've been styling my faux hawk for over 10 years and i wouldn't suggest to buy any of these expensive brands. you should probly try out axe messy look or shaggy look that's what i use. take my word. if your hairs curly on the other hand i have no souluton for you…..) it works better if your hair is a little bit wet also and make sure you put shampoo in your hair….if you don't it will look very greasy. BTW: don't over use your hairgel it will look bad!

  • I usually get the sides a 4 in the back and then faded up to a 5 in the front. Not sure about the top….she scissor cut that.

  • Hey guys I am thirteen and at the moment I really don't like my hair. Right now I sort of have a shag look but I'm gonna get a fauxhawk any tips?my hair is long (although I'm getting it cut soon) and what would be a good length or what should I tell my stylist? It's fairly thick. Thnx a bunch

  • When i do my fauxhawk… i use alot of hairgel.It will make my fauxhawk strong is this wrong?
    I dont know what ohter people think so im asking you.

    But the tip is to not to style it too much .I've noticed that if i'm doing my fauxhawk and touch it and style it like 5 or more mins it will start to look ugly:)
    so the thing is that just pull your hand through your hair and ur done.. dont wait for perfection .
    The fauxhawk can make u look good. but look very offul instead.

  • I've been wearing a faux hawk since i was 14, it's been my hairstyle for 5+ years now..at first i used gel (master super hold gel) it's good but gets ruined when you touch it or when it gets wet..but now i use wax, gatsby matte finish wax(the black one), its really really good, specially when you don't like your hair to look wet or shiny, and it's "remoldable", you need not to worry about ruining your hair 😀

  • Guys , heres a tip for you all who wanna do a faux hawk.If you think your stylish enough..;)

    1.Buy a bottle of hair product.
    2. go to bathroom and take alot of time.
    3.Start making like messy hair and just go along whit it.do something random.
    4. if you look it looks bad just wash it ,dry your hair . and start over.

    And about half hour of styling your hair in the bathroom you will finally found the perfect hairstyle for you.

    tip: i put my hairgel to the freezer so its alot better when styling your hair.

  • anybody who wants good texture without the horrible oily shiny look that gel gives get hanz de fuko with its 100% organic plant infused formula it is the best check it out at hanzdefuko.com they have wax creams and classic gel.

  • for everyone asking what product to use to get their hair to stand up
    KMS Drywax.
    it comes in like a hairspray can.
    just spray a little and style.
    it holds texture like a wax, sticks like hairspray and keeps your hair from getting oily.

  • It by no means ceases in order to astonish myself that, with a bit of added browsing on the internet, you can land on probably the most unique weblogs.

  • I love the look of this hairstyle, I want it so bad but I’m afraid it might look horrible. I have very thin hair and I don’t know if it will look good. Anyone have any suggestions?

  • Hair tonic makes a nice shine, and jojoba wax. I first rub mayo in and rinse, little hair tonic dry, wax and style with hands and fingers thats it.

  • Have a nice car,
    Have a nice car, 62 and sporting a faux hawk and it is a great style for any age,
    Thanks for the tips here.

  • for a good fohawk; you don’t want to be using any gel types. they make your hair appear slick and greasy.

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